Saturday, April 05, 2008

The Grievance of Ramiele Malubay

I don't know if this is true or not. But I'm still sad when Ramiele Malubay sang her last song on the latest episode of American Idol 7. Here's the message.

Ramiele's message:

I am so sad on what happened but not because of the people's decision but what the staff told us...

please do not send me mesages until i finish my statement.

i am still here in california, by the way please vote for david cook to be the 7th american idol, i know he will, let's pray for him, inspirational songs for next week, and i chose heal our land but i can not sing that anymore

there are news from people here in USA who were mad, cause they were dialling my number but instead of thank you for voting ramiele, it was thank you for voting other's name!

technical problem. this problem is the same as on the case of chris daughtryc you know every week we have theme, and they told that few week before that week.

they gave us list of songs and we choose our song, but sometimes you can hear from some staffs oh it's not for you try to sing fast songs and they called me lullaby instead of malubay.

the staff also arranged the songs and most of the times judges didn't like it, and they told us about the blocking like when i performed in my life simon didn't like the stair drama.

in the case of brooke, they told brooke not to use guitar but she insisted it and she had a wonderful job.

now they are making news about david cook that he is bad boy cause he was mad to some people here in our appartment because of some noise, they do that because kuya david makes his own arrangement!

the pilot episode's rating was lower than season 6, and they make some noise, and they won!

what noise, the stripper issue, the racy photos which are not, the my space video, the album of carly..

josiah was mad sa american idol cause we know he deserve to be on top 6, cuse they pick those who would make noise, david archuleta won star search, alexandrian and david a mde nosie cause they were co semi finalist in that said show, syesha was in the one the US version of star academy!

few hours after the result's night i made a blog that tells everything i know but it was being canceled like what happened on my myspace where mr.damian grass of associated press used my blog for those racy photos!

if you can help me please put on your blog all the things that i said. chris of american idol 5 was disappointed because of the technical problem, and look what happened to taylor hicks and chris. That's why AI showed some clips about post idol life!

good thing is there are offers, i'll be there in philippines for pinoy idol, and hopefully in abs-cbn with a pinoy who won sa isang reality show sa europe, i think he will be in altagracia with kc and john lloyd.

please tell me about your blog

maraming salamat!



  1. halaka lylllleeee! nadaya raw pinsan mooo? :D

  2. Irvin2:05 PM

    ay. joketime ito. ahaha. she won't speak like that. ive read some post elimination interviews bout her and iot was very far from that statement. at kumusta naman na sa amazing-race-asia froum pa siya nanggaling? haha

  3. kimmie2:05 PM

    Hmmm tutoo kaya to? Hahahaha. I doubt it. Well not really a fan of Ramiele.

  4. irvin:

    oonga. i think she would not post a blog entry like this one. pinapalabas lang sa alleged blog post niya na bitter siya sa kanyang pagkatalo.. and hell everyone can write this malicious post right? :))

  5. kimmie:

    oongahh. parang like DUUUHHH? hahahah :))

    but i like ramiele MORE than jasmine trias, at least siya fluent siya sa tagalog.. ehhh ang isa. po at opo and a few basic tagalog words lang ang alam. di naman halata na ayaw ko kay jasmine trias. BWAHAHHAA >:)

  6. july crumb2:06 PM

    feeling ko di ito galing sa kanya...

  7. hahahah na feel mo rin noohh? lalo na yung "kuya david".. tapos yung word na "sa". parang awkward.

  8. Irvin2:06 PM

    at sa mga interviews niya, masyang tinanggap ang kanyang pagkatalo. at sa napanood ko eh ala naman siyang bitterness. hehe. cute at perky pa din siya. lols

  9. oonga. napanood ko rin yung interviews niya after naeliminate siya. LOL. pero di ko talaga na take nung eliminations night. yung napagitnaan siya ni brooke and KLC !!! BWHAHAHA. grabeeehh. para siyang bata, ang kyuuuuuut! :D

  10. AND i don't think ramiele wrote this entry. this is ABSURD! hahaha =))

  11. joie sheen2:40 PM

    ok. weird. T_T

  12. samok joie noh? it's like the post itself entails different "claimed" biases on the reality show. this is just a bogus. =)))

  13. sedsed2:41 PM

    go go ramiele punta ka sa pilipinas. wahaha

  14. hahaha. marami na siyang fans dito sa pilipinas :)

  15. joie sheen3:45 PM

    as in. oh well. d naman cguro mag-click sa mga tao ang industry nila if not for some stupid issues. etc. and most of it, pawang chismis na walang pruweba. haha

  16. HAHAY. uso pa man diay ni sa america noohhhh? BWAHAHA. ambi nako sa pinas lang nang showbiz chisms :)))) LOL.

  17. Marami pang sinasabi eh...

    'pag tanggal na, tanggal na! Tapos! Life goes on!

  18. lalalyle9:40 AM

    halaa. kawawa naman si cousin. sus, cge lang ui, musikat siya diri sa pilipinas.

  19. kimmie9:41 AM

    HAHAHAHAHA OO BENTANG BENTA YUNG KUYA DAVID. I mean what the heeellll? :))))

  20. lalalalalilaaaii:

    lagiiii! human duol dayun sa iyaha lyle, para ikaw sad musikat!!! :))))))

  21. kimmie:

    HAHAHHA. in short, ka cheapan !!

  22. karlee1:01 PM

    ngano wrong grammar? :( it makes me sad. hahaha tangaa sa nagpost uy, wala nalang gitarong tas naa pa jud tagalog words.

    I am so sad on what happened but not because of the people's decision but what the staff told us...
    david cook to be the 7th american idol, i know he will
    and they told that few week before that week.
    cause he was mad to some people here in our appartment because of some noise
    cause we know he deserve to be on top 6
    co semi finalist
    made a blog that tells everything i know

  23. nganong stupid ni?? my gehhhddd! mali-mali pa jud. hahay. uso pud diay sila ang libakanay noh?? i thought sa Pinas lang ni. hehehe. :D

  24. la la la lyle2:55 PM

    pwahahahaha bantay lang 'to siya pag dili siya mamansin!

    haha, FC.

  25. joie sheen2:55 PM

    char lyle. char

  26. CHAR jud lyle :))))))) malay mo dibaaaa? :)))

  27. la la la lyle10:24 PM

    "char lyle. char"

    char jud noh??? hehe. as if cloooose na jud kaau mi.

  28. la la la lyle10:24 PM

    malay ko na ano???

  29. na maging famous ka rin just like her. HAHAHAHAH :))))

  30. la la la lyle11:55 PM

    churva! charing ever...
    dili ko uy. i ♥ privacy. =)