Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Chiz Whiz Story. Juicy

I just love Chiz Whiz. Well, as everybody knows I do have a LARGE appetite. People that don’t know me well may get astonished by it. Haha. I just love the way it slides through the bread and the taste lingers to my soft and delicate tongue. I can even manage to eat ONE PACK of loaf bread, with the help of Mrs. Chiz Whiz.

NO. I’m not gonna tell you a story about Mrs. Chiz Whiz.

I just want to elaborate the society’s unhealthy habit, which is gossiping. So, mga chismosos, chismosas, echuseros and echuseras out there, this post is dedicated to you.

Gossip. Tittle-tattle. Rumors. Who loves them anyway?

According to Wikipedia, a gossip is defined as this:

Gossip is idle talk or rumor, especially about the personal or private affairs of others.
While gossip forms one of the oldest and (still) the most common means of spreading and sharing facts and views, it also has a reputation for the introduction of errors and other variations into the information thus transmitted. The term also carries implications that the news so transmitted (usually) has a personal or trivial nature.

I know, sometimes Wikipedia’s not that reliable, but then again, they had a point. I don’t know why some people do this subtle barbaric thing. Uggh. They just spread unwanted rumors and stories of a certain person. I mean, what’s the point of making dim, fake and stupid stories and tell this to the whole world? Uggh. You’re just wasting your time Manang.

I used to be a victim (or was I?) of this unwanted drama.

I was on my way to school (UP) when I spotted these two old lookin’ ladies. While waiting for a jeep or HH, I heard their conversation. No, I don’t eavesdrop, that’s not my hobby, for damn’s sake (and they don’t whisper, they just talk in an ordinary, otherwise, nagpaparinig). The conversation goes like this:

Manang Tigulang A: Hoy Buday, kabalo gani ka, kanang tisoy (OOWS?) sa atong tapad, bata pa kayo iyang Mama ba. (Hey Buday, you know what, that mestizo in our side, his mother looks so young!)

Manang Tigulang B: Ay te, kana man tung anak sa tag-iya sa tutoran dapit dira. Bitaw, bata kayo iyang mama, basig nabuntisan sa pooriner tung high school pa siya. (Oh I see, I think he’s the son of the owner of the Tutorial Center a few blocks away. Yeah right, I think she conceived her son and his father’s a foreigner when she was still in high school, I guess).

I can’t understand my feelings at that time. I don’t know whether if I’m angry or just natatawa lang sa conversation nila.

Then they continued there “intimate” moments until I can no longer control my temper. So I went intrude their intimacy and said:

Hey beautiful WITCHES, well, will you look at the weather today, the sun’s shining directly on to your lousy ass-shaped piehole [mouth] (insert puzzled look of the witches, haha). Well, you just talk about me and my mom right? Well, well, well witches for your information, my mom’s 40 already and I’m 17. So if you do the simple Math, she’s already 23 when she gave birth to me. Take note, she got married on the tenth month of the year and she was pregnant on the twelve month of the year. But I was IMPRESSED with your LOUSY creativity dear. (Still, puzzled pa rin sila, in short, NA WERLA. Bwahaha)
(May dumating na HH) Manong, sa UP tayo..
So long ugly witches, have a nice day!

Hahahaha. Man, I was so mean at that time, but I can’t help it, they’re RUDE. A few weeks later, I saw them, again (uggh), and this time, they smiled at me, but I never return them even a smirk. Burn those two witches at HELL!

BTW, both of them are labanderas in the neighborhood.

It’s so sad to think that people talk about you, in a negative way even if you did nothing to them.

And yeah, Paparazzi’s another thing, another story.


  1. UUUYY. tisoy daw siya. HAHAHAHA

  2. EEE. kaluod. ka itim ko no. baka nakita nila na balbon ako. HAHAHAHA. in short unggoy. HAHAHA

  3. pero seriously.. makainis baya yang mga ganyang tao. errrr.

    bullsh*t much. hahahhaa.
    burn to hell witches. HAHAHAH

  5. HAY naku. pabayaan nlang yan sila. dagdag wrinkles lang yan. hehehhe

    mga ugaling askal. bat ba natin sila papatulan in the first place. hahaha

  7. HAHAHA. let's just put these on one simple thought:

    dapat nga magpasalamat ka pa kasi pinaguusapan ka, sikat ka, kinaiingitan! BWAHAHHAHAAH

    joke. hahahah
    bitawbitaw. bat ka man din magagalit sa kung hindi naman totoo ang rumors, right?

    pero minsan nga, you can't control it.

  9. HOY minsan lang ako ganito noh. hahahah joke.
    di bitaw. sabagay. di mo talaga ma control most especially
    kung pabalikbalik lang ang story.
    makaubos din yan ng pasenya nooh. :)))

  10. korek!
    ay bahala na sila. gudluck nalang sila sa KARMA.

  11. oonga! hahaha :))
    mamatay na yan sila uy! hehehe

  12. judjud carmi! APIR! :)))))))))))

  13. la la la lyle10:44 PM

    renz, don't tell me nag-english jud ka pagstorya sa ila...

    nag english jud ka??

  14. OO LYLE!
    gi-englishan nako sila noh. sa ka bwisit nko! HAHAHAHAHA :))))
    bahala sila kung nasabtan ko nla o dile. HAHHA.

  15. kabalo ka anang bruce almighty na movie diba?
    naay portion katong gi-interview niya ang tigulang sa waterfalls na SUPER SARCASTIC siya.. ing-ato na style. HAHAHAHA

  16. durima10:44 PM

    nake-relate ko sa imuha.. makasapot bitaw ng ing-ana.. hahaha!!! dah lageh ka-hilum ang mga gulerTZ! tigulang na gani ga-dugang2x pa sa ilang mga sala... =)

  17. durima:

    HAHA. and how i wish i have the superpower to shut their pieholes. FOREVER ugghh.

  18. tisoy daw bai :D haha. nag-english jud ka? nagnganga guro to kay way nasabtan. buti nga. yan kase.. haha.

  19. gi tuyo ra nako noh.. ahahha. samok jud sila.

  20. "na werla"- haha love it :) la lung naaliw ako. kasi i only hear a few people say that.haha

  21. HAHAHA. nahawa nako sa akong teacher sa bio. wala lang. bata pa man gud siya.. then maski unsang terms nalang akong ma learn sa iyha. hahahhaa

  22. Alam mo ba na pwede kasuhan ang mga tsismosa? If you want to know what crimes they commit and how, just buzz me. Medyo mahabang topic yun eh. Take care.

  23. onga ehh! HAHAHA.

    okay lang. so far yan palang ang last. lol.