Friday, February 27, 2009

Scrawled Relationship

Students and teachers may have a hard time dealing with each other. You may not now that your professor actually feels disappointed with you despite his friendly grin. Teachers also suffer this same predicament too! They thought that their students are listening to them but the truth is their minds aren’t focused in the lecture. Attention is really inevitable, and it really depends on to the artistic quality of the teacher.

But somehow, we often misinterpret some body languages or statements of the teacher. And teachers also suffer this same old problem.

Consider this situation:
(Minutes before exam)

Student: Sir, madali lang ang exam?
Professor: Oo! Five minutes lang matatapos mo lang yan.


The Real Deal: Of course, it’s obvious. He made the exam plus he already mastered the subject matter. Sheesh. If the teacher says it’s an easy exam, he really means it, FOR HIMSELF ONLY. Of course, students will have a hard time answering the exam if they cram or didn’t review for it at all! And yes, oftentimes, teachers DO NOT give ON-THE-SPOT bonus points in the exam since they believe that the exam isn’t that hard and they have already impart their knowledge to us. And for your information, DIVINE INTERVENTION won’t help you if you don’t help yourself in the first place! Sheeesh.

Here’s another one. Teacher aren’t fond of reading novel-like essay answers in the exam paper or blue books (in our case here in UP). Once they find your novel-like answers to be pointless, they’ll mark it zero even if they’re not done reading it. Well some teachers try to finish the whole essay, even if it takes a million years to do that tedious feat.

In our side, we students crack some jokes in the class just to enlighten the aura inside the classroom. We sometimes think that the teachers are drowning in the serious side of their work. We’re just concerned about their sanity. So teachers, don’t be frustrated if your student cracks a joke in your class, unless if the joke is obviously irksome and may sometimes lead to distraction.

Teachers are sometimes bothered to see their students copying their homework since they do not delve on to the FACT they once do that thing. HAHAHAHAH.

Cheaters, no matter how high their levels of expertise, always get nervous when they commit this infamous crime.

There are only three valid reasons on why students sleep during class hours: Lack of sleep, they already knew the lesson, or they’re just utterly bored.

Teachers aren’t those soulless creatures that dwell in a dark and creepy place and want their students to suffer in an unimaginable dark wrath that we use to think or perceive when we’re young.

They are actually caring (not scary, HAHAHAHA) creatures. They are sometimes angry with us since we don’t act properly and scolding is an effective way to let us feel that we did something wrong. Also, they do not want us to suffer from our own mistakes. That’s why teachers are considered to be our second parents.

And as for us, the students, we are easily intimidated by the aura of a certain teacher. We follow this simple principle: First impression lasts. I know this only exists in an ideal world, but we have this belief that when a teacher is already stern at the first day, then we will believe that he/she really is stern in real life. We feel uncomfortable if the personality of the teacher is inconsistent.

The student-teacher relationship is really a complicated matter but they always feel the same way.


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Monday, February 23, 2009

81st Academy Awards

I was a little bit depressed when I didn’t catch the live-via-satellite episode of The Amazing Race 14 in Studio 23. Grrrr. But yeah, when I woke up, I just turned on the TV and just watched the 81st Academy Awards.

I didn’t expect that Slumdog Millionaire would rake the Oscars. But hell, it’s one of the best movies that I have watched so far in my entire life. No doubt this movie garnered eight Oscars:

Best Original Score, Best Original Music, Best in Editing, Best in Sound, Best in Cinematography, Best Writing based on Material Previously Produced or Published, Best Picture and Best Director (Danny Boyle).

It was indeed a compelling movie and yeah, Benjamin Button had received some awards in Best Achievement in Makeup, Best in Art Director and Best Achievement in Visual Effects. Wall-E was crowned as the Best Animated Feature Film of the Year.

The nominees for Best Actor and Actress were very astounding since all of them are known for their superb talent and skills for acting. It would be difficult to pinpoint who really deserves the respective awards. Finally, Kate Winslet made it to the Best Actress award. I remember back in the 1997 Academy Awards Kate Winslet was nominated for Best Actress in the blockbuster film, Titanic. Apparently, she didn’t make it. But ‘lo and behold she made it to the top and she’s now a member of the Supreme Goddesses of Hollywood. On Sean Penn, I always adore the way he acts on television. I first saw him in I am Sam and I almost cried on that film. Sean Penn’s role primarily reflects on to the personalities of the common men. He had this kind of appeal where ordinary people will be attached to the roles of his flicks. I should watch Milk in the near future.

Yeah, despite the sudden demise of Heath Ledger last year, he still received an award for Best Supporting Actor in the film The Dark Knight. At least, he is still remembered (who can’t forget his superb portrayal of Batman’s ultimate villain, Joker? Haha).

Cameo alerts:

Robert Pattinson – the infamous Edward Cullen of Twilight is still Edward Cullen during the awards night. Gaah. I wonder if that’s his original skin tone or he’s just wearing a makeup. Hmmmm.

Kate Winslet’s proud parents – Kate failed to find her proud parents during the awards night. Good thing, her father whistled when she was on stage, receiving her much-awaited award.

Dev Patel – Naah. Nothing had changed; he’s still Jamal K. Malik, plus a swish tuxedo (was it a Tuxedo though? Whatever, like who cares).


So much for this. I haven’t started watching this prestigious awards night. But yeah, Hope there’s a replay on it. Hahaha.

So I’ll just wait for Yahoo! for their article on best and worst dress of the 81st Academy Awards. HAHAHAHA.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button: A Movie Review

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is such a heart warming flick. It entails with a man born with a mysterious case that is, growing in an opposite way. But despite the peculiarity of his life, he still lived in a normal life, thrived with the normal ones, experienced the same way of life and learned to love. His life was indeed remarkable even if it’s way fictitious.

This movie was originally written by F. Scott Fitzgerald’s and it’s a short story. Also, the plot was incredibly fascinating even if the flick was almost three hours. For those who haven’t watched this movie, then don’t hesitate to watch this. It’s not too late to watch this. I expected nothing short of radiance with a film coming from director David Fincher, director of the masterful "Zodiac" and screenwriter Eric Roth, writer of the classic "Forrest Gump". The acting was astounding in the movie. Brad Pitt and the spectacular Cate Blanchett share a fire that reverberates so smoothly out to the audience. Another notable achievement in the film was the visual effects; none of it was overdone and it was quite convincing. The music in the film was great as well. The haunting and mythical music is composed by Alexandre Desplat. One thing that did surprise me in the film was the amount of comedy present, but I guess comedy is needed for a tale with such sorrow. I really do think that this film is a classic. Even with a story as fictional as Benjamin Button's, the message rings true.

We grow old physically, but our daily experiences in life will forever remain in our hearts. This movie will always reminds me that everyday, life is an adventure and it isn’t measured in minutes, but in moments. Our lives are defined by opportunities, even the ones we miss.


Some people were born to sit by a river. Some get struck by lightning. Some have an ear for music. Some are artists. Some swim. Some know buttons. Some know Shakespeare. Some are mothers. And some people dance.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Irate Caller Scandal

(Warning: This 10-minute audio that you are about to hear contains explicit and foul language, as in every phrase or sentence. Parental Guidance is advised).

A while ago, mom called me if I already saw or heard this infamous irate caller scandal. And then I listened to it and I have to admit that my heart palpitated so much while listening to this scandal. The squalor was really intense.

The story began when a woman called for Citibank since she had some minor predicaments regarding on withdrawing her money from the ATM. All went well until the woman started screaming rancid words to the Citibank's CSR. Honestly, I felt perturbed while listening to this infamous telephone conversation. I can’t imagine how a Filipino woman degrades her own kind and her own motherland.  I can’t stand on this woman’s rotten behavior. I admire the courage of the assigned CSR. If I were on his place, I wouldn’t endure the insults coming from the other line.

But I can still discern some funny and stupid accusations in the conversation.

Irate caller: Mga putang ina niyong lahat mga Pilipino kayo! PUTA PUTA PUTA!
CSR: (in a calm way) Bakit ho ma’am, ‘di ba kayo Pilipino?
Irate caller: WALA AKOOOONG PAKIALAAAAAAAAAAAAAM!!! Mga puta kayong lahat!!!!

Hahaha. Stupid woman.
No, I don’t loathe her. I actually pity her.

Let’s speculate shall we? Why on earth would this woman do such death defying stunt in the Citibank’s CSR?

Number one: She’s very tired and desperate.
Yeah, desperation can lead to insanity.

Number two: She may have forgotten her PIN number.
Naaah. I doubt it. Unless, she just made a story that she can’t withdraw her money and blame her stupidity to the innocent CSR.

Number three:  During the time of the call, she was possessed by Satan.
HAHAHAHAHAHAH. Why not. It was clearly evident that she was indeed possessed by some malevolent spirits. Her sudden change of voice, intense squalor of the conversation and the sinister atmosphere while hearing this telephone conversation… everything. Uck, whatever.

But the thing is this. We don’t know whether this kind of conversation is real or not.  Or maybe it was made by people out of boredom. Real or conjured, this is very alarming.

The point of this entry: If you’re angry, think twice before you utter something.  Once you utter words, it would be irrevocable. Be careful what you “say” for.

“Birds with a foul feather burn together… in hell”

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Superiority of Inferiority

There comes a significant point in life where you feel so down and you regret almost all things in life, even if some thoughts or memories are far-fetched from your life. This threshold of our life determines whether you have done your part outstandingly or not.

Apparently, regretting on things that you should have done on a right way is not a wise thing to do. Ironically, declaring that you don’t regret even a single thing or moment of your life is bullcrap.

I admit that I do have a number of regrets and a pinch of insecurities in life but I do not delve with those things that much. I take it as a challenge of my life and try to live life in a normal way.

Paradoxically, this seems easy to make but for some people (I’m not one of them), it’s already a big deal. They are easily bothered with their predicaments in life. And it’s quite hard to encourage these kinds of people. Low-self esteemed people as well as those who feel inferior can be a great challenge to interact with.

I pity them.
I REALLY pity those poor little creatures.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Father. Papa. Dad

This morning, mom woke me up frenetically. My eyes were still heavy, my voice was so deep, thanks to my never-ending phlegm marathon and I was puzzled at that time, thinking of some emergency situation or what. Then she handed the phone to me and my grandfather was on the other line. He was a little bit worried since my classmate’s father had contacted him (my grandfather) and classmate’s dad was a little bit worried since classmate didn’t go home after my friend’s debut party. I just didn’t mind, thinking that classmate had just slept at my other classmate’s luxurious house. So I just told daddy that I went home at around 10.30 in the evening and I really don’t have even the faintest idea of what went wrong.

Minutes later, classmate’s dad phoned us and I had a chance to speak with him. I just told him that maybe he just slept in one of my classmates’ house and his cellphone went off or what. Then, I just messaged my classmate to confirm whether he really was spending an overnight stay in the luxurious house.

The truth is this: classmate intended to switch off his cellphone to avoid the prying eyes of his father.

No matter how hard we try to avoid our father, trying to be dependent, they are still worried with our state. Take note we’re still young. Even if they’re sterner than Miss Minchin, they still love us and they do not want us to experience those trials that they have committed when they’re still young.

Dads are human beings that are genetically programmed to love, protect and nurture their children. They always have this protective stance and we often misinterpret this. Apparently, we tend to assume that they’re just overreacting. But take note, they knew more things than us.

And yes, I admit that sometimes I feel that I’m suffocated with my father’s wrath, but I guess this is for my own good, for my safetiness.

There’s nothing wrong if we ask permission to them if we want to go somewhere or do some important things. :)

Smile. Hug your father every day.
An affectionate father is already considered as an endangered species of the world.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Man's Interpretation on Girl's Insights [Vlog]

I've read this from my friend's blog. The idea is this: Adam and Eve's thoughts do not coincide with each other and sometimes they have different interpretations of one thing, which may lead to ambiguity and confusion. I hope this would help some of you guys.



Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Indolence leads to Hiatus

So it’s been a long time.

And I really miss this part, my favorite part. This is my prerogative to do such things that I really, really want to.

The M & M was really great, and I’m not referring to the delicious candy that melts in your mouth not in your hands. The mountain-and-marine trip was really exhausting, tiring yet I had a great time to bond with my friends and to some people, like the Applied Math girls and all. I really enjoyed swimming against the strong current of the Samal Sea, plus I get a chance to meet Dory and Nemo in person. HAHAHA. And yeah, I had a prospect to try kayaking and I really love it.

Yeah, and for your information, my face, particularly the skin color transformed from a boring fair complexion to sexy tan. Yes, in fact it’s getting too sexy and I’m starting to hate it. Damn it. Oh well, my brother had lots of Glutathione soaps and hope my original complexion will be back to its original color. Sigh…

PLUS due to my overconfidence of swimming against the strong current of the sea, my back, biceps and my two thighs hurt so bad that I want to be in the bed the whole week. But yeah, things were more affluent these days.

I executed an excellent maneuver in Invertebrate Zoology but got almost flunked in the second long exam in Genetics. One thing for sure: memorizing those ideas which you hardly understand will be just a waste of time. I won’t bother memorizing those hard-to-understand concepts. It’s pointless if I ask something to my professor if he’s unsure about it. What the??!? So much for those rants…

Students can’t really avoid to cram and to procrastinate for just one simple reason: professors had a tendency to bombard us with tons of exams, lab reports, developments in the studies, and etc. in just one day. The worst part of it is this: Students still suffer the same old predicament even if we turn the world upside down. And that’s life, the bitterness of life.

For the first time, I don’t want to have a field trip. I’m very tired and I just want to concentrate with the never-ending long exam marathon. Just give me a break, please. I don’t want to be insane because of these. Uhhh please, the best gift for me this Valentine’s Day isn’t a Cadburry white chocolate. I just to sleep all day, all night.

I am getting annoyed with somebody. Heck. But I’m getting immune with somebody’s attitude. The hell I care. Pffffttttt.

But above all, this day made me happy because of… of… of… someone. HAHAHHAHAAHA.

Very happy. VERY ECSTATIC.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Frustrations and Ludicrousness

I really really really REAAALLLLLYYYYY (take note of the emphasis) hate myself when it comes to remembering even the smallest details of a certain exam. Like, whenever I remember it, I feel the deepest frustrations on to me for either not having the right answer or simply just forgetting the simplest term. Ironically, I usually answer the hardest question correctly and the easiest one would be my mistake.

A dim-witted gaffe…

I wish that I’ll forget the exam questions right after I passed the paper and just live in a normal life. Until now, I am really bothered by it.

So much for that. I know I can’t amend my life unless a brilliant Physicist will invent a time machine.

You see? Life is an irreversible process. Once you have done a thing, say a mistake, you must live by it and take it as a significant part of your life. Wait. I shouldn’t use YOUR. This applies on to me, right now.

And I’m on the verge of having an emotional outbreak. Mine is unique though. When I have an emotional outbreak, I just stare in the blank wall for at least three hours and I don’t think anything else except to breathe and blink.

I know it’s a crazy idea but true enough it’s an effective way…


You may ask why I’m wasting my time in the internet doing this entry. Apparently, we aren’t obliged to just read, study, read, study then the cycle repeats all over again. Our brain would eventually get bored with this cycle.

The perfect idea is this: dancing and singing while studying will make your brain cells kicking and alive.

Smile. Life is a wonderful story to tell.

And I’m not telling about something to someone. And that someone is a no one. And no one is allowed to ask. And now I’ll ask you one thing: Did you ever ask the question why I’m wasting my time in the cyberspace?

Provide me an answer and I’ll provide you with millions of questions about life.

And life is like a fairytale. And a fairytale is a wonderful story to tell. So as life. And my life is becoming boring. And boring sponges live under the deep blue sea. And I can’t see a bright day ahead. And the bright light is shining through my way.

Am I in heaven or in my dog’s haven? I wasn’t given a time to think about this way. And this is not the right way to exercise my brain. My brain is still in normal condition. And normal isn’t normal at all.

The world is full of something which someone’s getting on to it.

Bring it on.
Damn it.

And my insights about life are getting unsubstantiated.
I am getting absurd.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Ala Jack and Rose

Next time if you’re in a cruise with your love, be sure to check the surroundings first. Sometimes, an emo seagull will kiss you since the bird is deprived of love.

Align Center

Near, far, wherever you are
I believe that the heart does go on
Once more you open the door
And you're here in my heart
And my heart will go on and on

Monday, February 02, 2009

What the???!

Just a request,
a guileless request…

Could you stop bragging about your complete personality change this New Year (2009)? Uggh. I can’t see the new you. I’m not blind, we’re not blind and definitely you are not blind. And it really tells me one thing that old habits die hard. They are indeed difficult to obliterate.

I do not sound like a fraught soul or what, but it just irks me so much whenever I feel the “airy” aura of this scoundrel.

And I’m ranting about this in three in the morning, and definitely there are no tears pouring in my God-forsaken face.


Sunday, February 01, 2009

Slumdog Millionare: A Movie Review

He is eighteen. He is a teenager. He is a call center agent assistant and had lived in a miserable life since his childhood days. Yet, he beat the odds and won 20 million Rupees.

Directed by the talented Danny Boyle (28 Days Later and Sunshine), this movie muses on the life of a teenage millionaire who allegedly accused of cheating by the host since it is utterly impossible for a slum dog to answer all of the questions in the show. Despite the maltreatment he received from the authorities, one by one, Jamil Malik (played by Dev Patel) recounted his life from the struggles of his childhood life to the desperation of finding his first love, Latika (Freida Pinto). Bit by bit, he gave explanations on why he managed to answer the questions flawlessly and eventually won 20 million Rupees. Each question is coincidentally related on his life. He didn’t need to be intelligent to answer the questions in the show.

This is not your typical flick. It poses great acting, as well as the cinematography. This is a movie that bursts with narrative force, enveloping in a poignant romance. The plot was well presented and it was a compelling and a heart warming movie.

No doubt that this movie bagged four Golden Globe awards.

Every moment of his life is a clue to the answers. Every question brings him closer to his one true love.

And oh, I really enjoyed the credits. Let’s sing and dance to the beat of JAI HO! :)))))