Friday, February 27, 2009

Scrawled Relationship

Students and teachers may have a hard time dealing with each other. You may not now that your professor actually feels disappointed with you despite his friendly grin. Teachers also suffer this same predicament too! They thought that their students are listening to them but the truth is their minds aren’t focused in the lecture. Attention is really inevitable, and it really depends on to the artistic quality of the teacher.

But somehow, we often misinterpret some body languages or statements of the teacher. And teachers also suffer this same old problem.

Consider this situation:
(Minutes before exam)

Student: Sir, madali lang ang exam?
Professor: Oo! Five minutes lang matatapos mo lang yan.


The Real Deal: Of course, it’s obvious. He made the exam plus he already mastered the subject matter. Sheesh. If the teacher says it’s an easy exam, he really means it, FOR HIMSELF ONLY. Of course, students will have a hard time answering the exam if they cram or didn’t review for it at all! And yes, oftentimes, teachers DO NOT give ON-THE-SPOT bonus points in the exam since they believe that the exam isn’t that hard and they have already impart their knowledge to us. And for your information, DIVINE INTERVENTION won’t help you if you don’t help yourself in the first place! Sheeesh.

Here’s another one. Teacher aren’t fond of reading novel-like essay answers in the exam paper or blue books (in our case here in UP). Once they find your novel-like answers to be pointless, they’ll mark it zero even if they’re not done reading it. Well some teachers try to finish the whole essay, even if it takes a million years to do that tedious feat.

In our side, we students crack some jokes in the class just to enlighten the aura inside the classroom. We sometimes think that the teachers are drowning in the serious side of their work. We’re just concerned about their sanity. So teachers, don’t be frustrated if your student cracks a joke in your class, unless if the joke is obviously irksome and may sometimes lead to distraction.

Teachers are sometimes bothered to see their students copying their homework since they do not delve on to the FACT they once do that thing. HAHAHAHAH.

Cheaters, no matter how high their levels of expertise, always get nervous when they commit this infamous crime.

There are only three valid reasons on why students sleep during class hours: Lack of sleep, they already knew the lesson, or they’re just utterly bored.

Teachers aren’t those soulless creatures that dwell in a dark and creepy place and want their students to suffer in an unimaginable dark wrath that we use to think or perceive when we’re young.

They are actually caring (not scary, HAHAHAHA) creatures. They are sometimes angry with us since we don’t act properly and scolding is an effective way to let us feel that we did something wrong. Also, they do not want us to suffer from our own mistakes. That’s why teachers are considered to be our second parents.

And as for us, the students, we are easily intimidated by the aura of a certain teacher. We follow this simple principle: First impression lasts. I know this only exists in an ideal world, but we have this belief that when a teacher is already stern at the first day, then we will believe that he/she really is stern in real life. We feel uncomfortable if the personality of the teacher is inconsistent.

The student-teacher relationship is really a complicated matter but they always feel the same way.


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