Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Frustrations and Ludicrousness

I really really really REAAALLLLLYYYYY (take note of the emphasis) hate myself when it comes to remembering even the smallest details of a certain exam. Like, whenever I remember it, I feel the deepest frustrations on to me for either not having the right answer or simply just forgetting the simplest term. Ironically, I usually answer the hardest question correctly and the easiest one would be my mistake.

A dim-witted gaffe…

I wish that I’ll forget the exam questions right after I passed the paper and just live in a normal life. Until now, I am really bothered by it.

So much for that. I know I can’t amend my life unless a brilliant Physicist will invent a time machine.

You see? Life is an irreversible process. Once you have done a thing, say a mistake, you must live by it and take it as a significant part of your life. Wait. I shouldn’t use YOUR. This applies on to me, right now.

And I’m on the verge of having an emotional outbreak. Mine is unique though. When I have an emotional outbreak, I just stare in the blank wall for at least three hours and I don’t think anything else except to breathe and blink.

I know it’s a crazy idea but true enough it’s an effective way…


You may ask why I’m wasting my time in the internet doing this entry. Apparently, we aren’t obliged to just read, study, read, study then the cycle repeats all over again. Our brain would eventually get bored with this cycle.

The perfect idea is this: dancing and singing while studying will make your brain cells kicking and alive.

Smile. Life is a wonderful story to tell.

And I’m not telling about something to someone. And that someone is a no one. And no one is allowed to ask. And now I’ll ask you one thing: Did you ever ask the question why I’m wasting my time in the cyberspace?

Provide me an answer and I’ll provide you with millions of questions about life.

And life is like a fairytale. And a fairytale is a wonderful story to tell. So as life. And my life is becoming boring. And boring sponges live under the deep blue sea. And I can’t see a bright day ahead. And the bright light is shining through my way.

Am I in heaven or in my dog’s haven? I wasn’t given a time to think about this way. And this is not the right way to exercise my brain. My brain is still in normal condition. And normal isn’t normal at all.

The world is full of something which someone’s getting on to it.

Bring it on.
Damn it.

And my insights about life are getting unsubstantiated.
I am getting absurd.

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  1. okay lang iyan renz...we all have those days me, manlagot jud ko na namali ko sa test kay mali akong gisulat na answer sa exam sa chem31.1...tungod ato, bawasan kog points...

    but anyways, the point is this, move on na lang and learn from your's no use namabitter ka over your mistakes...