Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Superiority of Inferiority

There comes a significant point in life where you feel so down and you regret almost all things in life, even if some thoughts or memories are far-fetched from your life. This threshold of our life determines whether you have done your part outstandingly or not.

Apparently, regretting on things that you should have done on a right way is not a wise thing to do. Ironically, declaring that you don’t regret even a single thing or moment of your life is bullcrap.

I admit that I do have a number of regrets and a pinch of insecurities in life but I do not delve with those things that much. I take it as a challenge of my life and try to live life in a normal way.

Paradoxically, this seems easy to make but for some people (I’m not one of them), it’s already a big deal. They are easily bothered with their predicaments in life. And it’s quite hard to encourage these kinds of people. Low-self esteemed people as well as those who feel inferior can be a great challenge to interact with.

I pity them.
I REALLY pity those poor little creatures.

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