Monday, February 23, 2009

81st Academy Awards

I was a little bit depressed when I didn’t catch the live-via-satellite episode of The Amazing Race 14 in Studio 23. Grrrr. But yeah, when I woke up, I just turned on the TV and just watched the 81st Academy Awards.

I didn’t expect that Slumdog Millionaire would rake the Oscars. But hell, it’s one of the best movies that I have watched so far in my entire life. No doubt this movie garnered eight Oscars:

Best Original Score, Best Original Music, Best in Editing, Best in Sound, Best in Cinematography, Best Writing based on Material Previously Produced or Published, Best Picture and Best Director (Danny Boyle).

It was indeed a compelling movie and yeah, Benjamin Button had received some awards in Best Achievement in Makeup, Best in Art Director and Best Achievement in Visual Effects. Wall-E was crowned as the Best Animated Feature Film of the Year.

The nominees for Best Actor and Actress were very astounding since all of them are known for their superb talent and skills for acting. It would be difficult to pinpoint who really deserves the respective awards. Finally, Kate Winslet made it to the Best Actress award. I remember back in the 1997 Academy Awards Kate Winslet was nominated for Best Actress in the blockbuster film, Titanic. Apparently, she didn’t make it. But ‘lo and behold she made it to the top and she’s now a member of the Supreme Goddesses of Hollywood. On Sean Penn, I always adore the way he acts on television. I first saw him in I am Sam and I almost cried on that film. Sean Penn’s role primarily reflects on to the personalities of the common men. He had this kind of appeal where ordinary people will be attached to the roles of his flicks. I should watch Milk in the near future.

Yeah, despite the sudden demise of Heath Ledger last year, he still received an award for Best Supporting Actor in the film The Dark Knight. At least, he is still remembered (who can’t forget his superb portrayal of Batman’s ultimate villain, Joker? Haha).

Cameo alerts:

Robert Pattinson – the infamous Edward Cullen of Twilight is still Edward Cullen during the awards night. Gaah. I wonder if that’s his original skin tone or he’s just wearing a makeup. Hmmmm.

Kate Winslet’s proud parents – Kate failed to find her proud parents during the awards night. Good thing, her father whistled when she was on stage, receiving her much-awaited award.

Dev Patel – Naah. Nothing had changed; he’s still Jamal K. Malik, plus a swish tuxedo (was it a Tuxedo though? Whatever, like who cares).


So much for this. I haven’t started watching this prestigious awards night. But yeah, Hope there’s a replay on it. Hahaha.

So I’ll just wait for Yahoo! for their article on best and worst dress of the 81st Academy Awards. HAHAHAHA.

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