Thursday, February 19, 2009

Irate Caller Scandal

(Warning: This 10-minute audio that you are about to hear contains explicit and foul language, as in every phrase or sentence. Parental Guidance is advised).

A while ago, mom called me if I already saw or heard this infamous irate caller scandal. And then I listened to it and I have to admit that my heart palpitated so much while listening to this scandal. The squalor was really intense.

The story began when a woman called for Citibank since she had some minor predicaments regarding on withdrawing her money from the ATM. All went well until the woman started screaming rancid words to the Citibank's CSR. Honestly, I felt perturbed while listening to this infamous telephone conversation. I can’t imagine how a Filipino woman degrades her own kind and her own motherland.  I can’t stand on this woman’s rotten behavior. I admire the courage of the assigned CSR. If I were on his place, I wouldn’t endure the insults coming from the other line.

But I can still discern some funny and stupid accusations in the conversation.

Irate caller: Mga putang ina niyong lahat mga Pilipino kayo! PUTA PUTA PUTA!
CSR: (in a calm way) Bakit ho ma’am, ‘di ba kayo Pilipino?
Irate caller: WALA AKOOOONG PAKIALAAAAAAAAAAAAAM!!! Mga puta kayong lahat!!!!

Hahaha. Stupid woman.
No, I don’t loathe her. I actually pity her.

Let’s speculate shall we? Why on earth would this woman do such death defying stunt in the Citibank’s CSR?

Number one: She’s very tired and desperate.
Yeah, desperation can lead to insanity.

Number two: She may have forgotten her PIN number.
Naaah. I doubt it. Unless, she just made a story that she can’t withdraw her money and blame her stupidity to the innocent CSR.

Number three:  During the time of the call, she was possessed by Satan.
HAHAHAHAHAHAH. Why not. It was clearly evident that she was indeed possessed by some malevolent spirits. Her sudden change of voice, intense squalor of the conversation and the sinister atmosphere while hearing this telephone conversation… everything. Uck, whatever.

But the thing is this. We don’t know whether this kind of conversation is real or not.  Or maybe it was made by people out of boredom. Real or conjured, this is very alarming.

The point of this entry: If you’re angry, think twice before you utter something.  Once you utter words, it would be irrevocable. Be careful what you “say” for.

“Birds with a foul feather burn together… in hell”

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