Monday, February 16, 2009

Father. Papa. Dad

This morning, mom woke me up frenetically. My eyes were still heavy, my voice was so deep, thanks to my never-ending phlegm marathon and I was puzzled at that time, thinking of some emergency situation or what. Then she handed the phone to me and my grandfather was on the other line. He was a little bit worried since my classmate’s father had contacted him (my grandfather) and classmate’s dad was a little bit worried since classmate didn’t go home after my friend’s debut party. I just didn’t mind, thinking that classmate had just slept at my other classmate’s luxurious house. So I just told daddy that I went home at around 10.30 in the evening and I really don’t have even the faintest idea of what went wrong.

Minutes later, classmate’s dad phoned us and I had a chance to speak with him. I just told him that maybe he just slept in one of my classmates’ house and his cellphone went off or what. Then, I just messaged my classmate to confirm whether he really was spending an overnight stay in the luxurious house.

The truth is this: classmate intended to switch off his cellphone to avoid the prying eyes of his father.

No matter how hard we try to avoid our father, trying to be dependent, they are still worried with our state. Take note we’re still young. Even if they’re sterner than Miss Minchin, they still love us and they do not want us to experience those trials that they have committed when they’re still young.

Dads are human beings that are genetically programmed to love, protect and nurture their children. They always have this protective stance and we often misinterpret this. Apparently, we tend to assume that they’re just overreacting. But take note, they knew more things than us.

And yes, I admit that sometimes I feel that I’m suffocated with my father’s wrath, but I guess this is for my own good, for my safetiness.

There’s nothing wrong if we ask permission to them if we want to go somewhere or do some important things. :)

Smile. Hug your father every day.
An affectionate father is already considered as an endangered species of the world.

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