Friday, May 25, 2007

OPAL - The Funny and Memorable Gemstone

Okay. I already miss my highschool life up to this point, ohhh, most especially my second-year life. Little did I expect that I belong to this section, OPAL. What's with this word? It's a red gemstone (sometimes green or, otherwise), then as I peered through the chalkboard, wherein the sections are posted, I sought and found that almost all of my classmates are intellectually good and I'm quite afraid on it. Somehow, when I continue of my eavesdropping on the board (because many people flocked at the board), I've learned that some of them would be my classmate for the FIRST TIME!! Oh shoot. Our class valedictorian and salutatorian also belonged to this section.

Despite this 'academe aura', I really enjoyed this section so much that I (well almost all of us) cried during our final paraliturgy. Ahhhwww ;,(

Well, our section's motto was:


Below are the following memorable experienced that I ventured with this section:

(During our English period, we just sat on our armchairs and we wrote our formal theme. It was so boring that an "informal debate" was opened at that particular time. Our english teacher didn't mind the mild commotion because it's a constructive debate. And besides, she's very busy - with tons of workloads needed to check!)

Anyway, the motion for that debate was:



Jeannine (the only Kapuso fanatic)
Ma'am Espanto - our English teacher
Meiko - our funny, bubbly half Japanese classmate
and the rest of the opal gang..

Jeannine - Kabalo mo? Gwapo kaayo ang GMA ba. Astig! (You know what? GMA is a cool tv network, astig!)

**Then everyone reacted**

Everyone - Heh! Saba dira! Mas ayos ang ABS-CBN oie! (Shut up! ABS-CBN is way too better than GMA!)

Jeannine - Wenkwenk! Oha oha! Tan-awa ra gud! Mas tigulang pa gani ang GMA kesa ABS! Asa ka pa ana?? (Just look at this, GMA's older than ABS! Duh!)

Me - O lage, pero wa gihapon TFC ang GMA! Yuckz, low-tech! (Yeah right, but GMA doesn't own any tv branch on abroad. Yucks! Low-tech!)

**And everyone giggled**

Jeannine - Tan.awa ra gud, pangutana n ato si Maam. Dibah Ma'am mas gwapo ang GMA kesa ABS?? (Just look at this, let's ask Maam Espanto. Okay, Ma'am, GMA's better than ABS, right??)

Ma'am Espanto - Sorry Kapamilya ako! (And she smiled)

**Everyone clapped and cheered**

Jeannine - Ngyeeehh. O lage! Naa koy iingon. Una tanan ang GMA oie labaw nang anime! Asa man daw gikan ang anime beh? Daw beh! (Ngeeehh, 'ya right. GMA's the first one to show top-rating shows in the world especially anime! I challenge you - where did anime originated??)

Meiko - (without sheer realization of what she'll reply to Jeannine..) SA JAPAN!!!

**And everyone jumped right through their seats an laughed so hard like crazy hyenas. And the bell rang. Oh well**


one contestant: Kick the banana, kill the banana, squish the banana!

US (Please refer to the picture) - DUHHHHHH!

another contestant - And the starfish told me that water is the best remedy..

US - Like duhh? A Starfish? Talking to you? Sino siya? Patrick Star??

Jeannine didn't won but we believe that she's the champion. She did her best naman.

And the most controversial event of OPAL ::

The mother candida song composition

Because we spent too much on the props, our music teacher got mad on us, we only won the second place (Nicole made the lyrics and I made the melody). Because of those stupid technicolored umbrella. Hay naku.

We almost didn't perform in the stage during the novena. But we performed together with First year - Garnet.

Oh yeah, before I publish this, let me leave you a certain POEM which made the OPAL won against the almighty SENIORs during our Communication ARTS day.


Break the chains of isolation
Open doors in distant land
Share our knowledge and experience
Message ringing loud and clear

Gain access to other cultures
New horizons, broader dimensions
Forge concord with our fellowmen
Building bridges across the continents

We belong to the same race
The same race, the same race!
One bread one body one people
United we stand, divided we fall
If we put our trust in the Lord
There'll be melody, one in harmony
In every heart

Yet...yet amidst us is the immense barrier
Let the regions of the world be ilummined
Understanding one anothers
Speech and writings

Let us all be united as one people,
One cultures to have unity
Nani, nani???
Daragum pagada???
What what???
Keh keh???
Shi me shi me???

Misunderstanding keep people
From mutual association
We cannot be in sympathetic touch
When our thoughts our lock
A universal language is the masterkey
When we learn how to communicate
Nothing seems hard to implement
We need our eyes to see
Ears to here and mouth to talk
Hey! there are plenty of things in this world
In this country that are beautiful

I dreamed that someday the world
will embrace despite of their differences
Through the use of...COMMUNICATION!

May there be oneness of humanity
And good fellowship among races
Make this planet one home
For human advancement
Heal the world, make it a better place
For you and for me and the entire human race
There are people dying
If we care enough for the living
Make a better place for you and for me
You and for me, for you and for me

Let communication unify the...WORLD!!!

Reminiscing such memories made me feel that I'm with my former classmates. Ouch :,(

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I'm very very very (owwzz) excited on this day: JUNE 7, 2007. What's this day by the way? Well, it's my FIRST DAY in UP! Yahoo!

Though, this day is like a program or some sort of welcoming us (the freshmen of course) so, no LECTURES (I think so??). Anyways I believe that I'm gonna be that shy kid, waiting for someone in vain to talk to me. Mind you it's very difficult for me to talk to someone whom I didn't know (call me snobbish but that's true). Meanwhile, I believe that college life could be so demanding compared to highschool life. It's a new phase of my life and I should pump my brain for the upcoming lessons most especially BIOLOGY and Chemistry. Hay naku, I need to reread my chemistry book since this subject is quite heavy - 5 units pare!

Oh by the way, students would be divided of the following cliques:

a] BRAINY HIGH - Obviously, this clique belongs to geeks! Well, not actually. Those who excells in academics particularly in Science, English, History and Math. Luckily I belonged to this clique (as what I've surveyed this a year ago) though I'm not your typical geek! Nyahaha. And most of all, not all geeks wore this particular attire - squeeky rubber shoes with loose-fitting shirts, shorts, multi-colored socks with their shirts tucked in. Ngyek, parang CLOWN??

b] SOSSY HIGH - Sons and daughters of rich business tycoons belonged to this clique. Armed with techie gadgets, make-ups, hair wax/clays and other beauty paraphernalias. They're the most famous in terms of their aura. (Huwwwaaat??)Okay okay, that's because they can spend their treasures doesn't mean they don't have brains, well that's what I've noticed in some movies related to college life. They can be as smart as those brainy kiddos.

c] REBEL HIGH - They can be obnoxious like a lone devil but they can be a nice dude. Though, they are rebels who seeks pleasures on peers, and other stuffs (don't tell me, pati drugs? oh no that's bad). They're troubled and they don't care about who they are and how they dressed. Being unique is their number one priority. Some sort of just being the center of attraction (or do they??)

d] NICE GUY HIGH - The most common of all possible cliques! And mind you, it's not easy to be nice though especially if you're mean or worse brutal. But don't get me wrong. I can be a nice guy if I want to!

Combine these F O U R would mean another chaotic (or memorable??) college life. I'm really excited. Sobra!


Thursday, May 17, 2007

Angat ang Pinoy

I was born in this third world country wherein poverty, violence and malevolent corruption exist. Despite these frequent accusations from other countries like states, European countries which they imposed several travel advisories in our country, we still manage to live peacefully and in reality, (or generally speaking, otherwise), Philippines is a peaceful country, though we still imposed that we're not perfect, right?

Filipinos or Pinoys are people who lived in the Philippines (well it's kinda obvious though). Filipinos are scattered in different parts of the world, most especially in USA, Europe and in the Middle East. Filipinos are highly unique in many different ways.

Filipinos are hospitable.

Ika nga, "Onli in da Pilipins." This was proven even in the olden times. Somehow, even in the new millenium, we sought and found that Filipinos are STILL hospitable. Just like the Big Brother Swap that happened just recently. You can see the difference between Philippines and Slovenia. Slowly, we begin to recognize how warm Filipinos were especially when the Slovenian visitor visited us. Filipino housemates made sure that their visitor had a homey feeling, despite the nostalgic feeling of the visitor. Likewise, when Bruce was sent to Slovenia, he was not treated like the Filipinos did in the Philippines. Needless to say, they are not that hospitable compared to us. Worse, he was given a racist remarks from the two Slovene housemates. Truly, we had a respect even in our visitors no matter what.

Filipinos are known to be innovative.

Needless to say, when a problem arises, they'll find certain answers or possible solution whenever a problem starts even if it's surreal.

Filipinos are born to be an intelligent being.

Ever wonder who invented fluorescent lamp/light? Well, he's no other than Agapito Flores all the way from Cebu City. The moon rover, which was used during the lunar exploration by Apollo 11 was created and designed by a Filipino (sorry I forgot his name). Their are many useful and significant inventions which Filipinos invented it, though unfortunately, our government had no time for them, and their lame excuse is that they didn't have enough budget to patent their inventions. So, with such desperate attempts, they sold it to American inventors and have their inventions patent by another name. That's a sad sad story.

Filipinos are STRONG.

We are strong in every different ways. Somehow, we were the first Southeast Asian country to reach the summit of Mt. Everest. We can't deny it, were strong physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Filipinos are known to be HONEST.

Ladies and gentleman, I had a good news on you. There are still lots of honest people who still exist in this country. And I really admire them. :)

Filipinos are BRAVE.

No doubt why we had so many heroes which are listed in our history like Jose Rizal, Andres Bonifacio and others.

Filipinos are CREATIVE.

We had so many artists in our country. Likewise, Filipinos are born to be talented. In the field of sports, arts, music, and other related media, we are famous for it in the whole world.

Filipinos had a Sense of humor.

Pinoys are known to possess this sense of humor, well almost all of us! Had you compared the sitcom of America to us? I bet in the states, their jokes are that awkward and worse, not that funny. We Filipinos had this mentality that despite of heavy problems, trials and dilemmas in life, we still managed to laugh like a silly hyena! I tell you. And their common reason for that? "Pampaalis ng pagod."

Filipinos are RESPECTFUL.

Yes and yes we are very respectful. Example of these are:

Saying po and opo when we talk to the elders, our undying sign of respect, the "mano po" and most of all, we say ate or kuya in our elder brother/sister or even for those who are not related on us. As long as respect is present, we can live harmoniously in our country.

Filipinos are HELPFUL.

Well, we lend our hand especially for those people who needed help badly.

What else can you add? Masipag? Masunurin? Cheerful?

I guess we Filipinos possess almost all of the positive traits in the world.

I hope even in the next century or millennium, Filipinos will still practice these good traits that we could be proud of.

We may not be the first world country that everybody's dreaming of, we may not own any nuclear weapons, we may not be the richest country in the world, but we still live as a Filipino - who lived in a colorful country.

Let's show the world what a true Filipino is!

**PS: thank you for those who greeted my mom! I love you guys!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Big Momma

Belated Happy Mother's Day Everyone!

Okay, aside from the late greetings for my mom, it's her 40th birthday this coming May 17. Okayokay, aside from my mom, I would like to extend my greetings to the following people na magbirbirthday sa may 17: Pixie Sarmiento, Ate Cherry Pinili, Tita Mina So and sa lahat na magbirbirthday ngayong may 17.

You heard it, mom's gonna turn 40 this year. Meaning, she gave birth to me when she was only 23, and got married at an early age of 22. One advantage of giving birth at an early age is that, even though I'm a teenager, my mom's still young, though the only drawback of getting married in an early age is that she didn't enjoy her single life that much. Hmm, well, if she didn't marry my dad, most probably, I'll not exist in this world. Hmmm.

Okayokay, enough of those melodramatic lines. Hay naku. Well, sometimes, my mom is my bestfriend, and sometimes my enemy, (seldom). When we go out together, well like in malls, people often took this common mistake: That she's my older sister, or worse, my girlfriend (Huwaaaattt). Yes, seriously, someone even quoted na bagay raw kami or what. Luckily, she inherited this kind of genes/traits that she'll not look older than her physiological age, even today, she even looks like a 25 yr.old single woman. Kaya nga, she always wore her wedding ring. Hahaha Lolz.

Well, it's not that I'm bragging her or what, it's like I'm very proud of my mom. Despite some difficulties in life, she still managed to raise me and my brother as their good son that they wanted to. Although, I'm not perfect, sometimes may pagkukulang din ako or what, but she's the ONLY person that could understand my personality and my intense mood swings.

Kaya minsan, sinasagot ko siya ng pabalang and she always reminds me of this:

"Diyos ko! 23 hours akong nag labor sa iyo, nahirapan ako sa iyo nung una kasi iyakin ka masyado, tapos away-awayin mo lang ako??! Humpphh."

She half-jokingly said that but it's the reality.

Kaya, pag 40 ka na ma, I'll promise that you'll be proud on me on every endeavors that I'll achieve in the future.


Hugs and kisses form your cutest (ehem) son,


Errrrr, isali ko nalang si Ojie. Hay naku. =)

Monday, May 14, 2007

Let's VOTE in

VOTE for the RIGHT Candidates!!!

Ito na ang ating pagkakataon upang pumili ng karapat-dapat na candidato na uupo sa senado, kongresso at iba pang posisyon.

Kaya bumoto na kayo at baka huli pa ang lahat.

Huwag magpapaloko sa mga gago! (no, I'm not referring to Genuine Opposition, I'm referring to those corrupt officials out there!! Hmppph.)

Hindi lang ito para sa atin, kundi para sa ating LUPANG KINAGISNAN!

(Yahoo! I can now vote for the 2010 Presidential Elections!)

Sunday, May 13, 2007

To be vain or not be VAIN

It goes like this: To be vain or narcissistic is quite normal to me, but for others, they find it weird. That explains enough why I had tons of pictures in my cellphone, multiply account and my friendster account. I don't know why, but honestly, I love to take pictures of my own face. Imagine that!

Until this horrifying accident occurred one stormy night. Heck that was only I think, 3 days ago, more or less. It goes like this:

I was looking on my face again on my favorite mirror when suddenly, a ferocious (uhhhh?) monster came in! It squirts an inky black fluid in my eyes which blinded me for a while. Okay okay - Nag.brownout. Okay??! So I went outside to retrieve some essentials during this annoying brownout. Hmmpphh. So I left the mirror on my bed and as I went back to my room, I jumped in the bed with my left knee as the first one to hit in the cushion (Just call me CRAZY!). Then a familiar sound was heard and TOOOGGGSSHH! My precious mirror broke!!! Packing Sheet!!!! Okayokay.. So my left knee bled profusely and the remnants of my mirror were pieces of innocent shards of glass. But I really don't care if my left knee bled at that time. So I say my final goodbyes to my beloved mirror. Afterwhich, I threw it on my trash bin!

The second day, my dad went to my room to fix my mirror in the closet. And Baaggsssshh! Again, he broke my closet mirror (it's half of my size, or two-thirds rather). It was an accident though. Good thing, only one-fourth of the mirror was destroyed, apathetically speaking.

Hay naku, so yung salamin nalang na kinuha ko sa Periscope ang gagamitin ko? Oh dear, that was pretty small, pag-tiyagaan ko nalang iyon!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Start of Something New

So my title for this blog sucks, literally. Oh well life must go on. Nyahaha. Anyways, this day marks the first day of UP - Mindanao Freshmen Conference (I think the word conference is inappropriate because I forgot the C-word already. Oh hear we go again, please bear with me because I had this certain disease named: LNS - Last Name Syndrome. Quite Shitty.

Okay, so the conference started at 8.00am and of course we were congratulated for the gazilionth time because we passed the UPCAT (Out of 70,000 who took this test, only 11,000 passed the exam. Okay, so much for that deafening applause. Hmmpph. The first part was a bit interesting but as the time progress, I felt that this conference would take forever! Hunger attacked me for a while, though I ate a hearty and heavy breaakfast before I left my house. Oh by the way, my house was only a 15minute ride to the campus. Good thing.

So, the grading system was explained and elaborated by the speaker and of course, they don't FOLLOW ZERO-BASED grading system. (Again, applause ulit.. clap-clap..). Also, the computation for the GWA or the general average was explained also. Well, I envisioned myself that my name would be in the CHANCELLOR'S LISTS with a minimum GWA of at least 1.00 - 1.45. Dean's List would range from 1.45-1.75 and the Honor Roll would be from 1.76-2.00. Hmmm.

And take note of this thing: NO ONE EVER GRADUATED as SUMMA CUM LAUDE and MAGNA CUM LAUDE, but this prestigious university made several cum laude awardees. These are the general average to get these scholastic awards: (1st year - 4th/5th year)

Summa Cum Laude - 1.20 --> OH GODDD! Ang taas!

Magna Cum Laude - 1.45

Cum Laude - 1.75

Hmm, could I made it to the top? I mean if I do, I could mold UP Mindanao's history as the first Summa Cum Laude awardee. Hmmm, let's find out after four years from now.

As what I had printed on my subconscious mind:


I couldn't bear the melancholic melody of our school hymn. Mind you nakakaantok!! As in grabeh. Pero I had no choice but to memorized that crap. (ooooopss). Okay, so I was a bit surprised of the university's faculty and staff. Whoa, would you believe that:

-98% of the professors and lecturers were graduates of UP!!! Moreover, they pursue their doctorate course outside in the Philippines like USA, London, Japan, Australia, etc.

Though, despite the academic pressure in this school, it's not impossible to enjoy myself to the company of others.

Lastly, the school discourage us to ride HH - Habal-habal because it's very dangerous. Jeeps, the university bus and some tricycles are available and it's safe.

Just one thing I need to remind myself everyday:

Ako'y tinaguriang iskolar ng bayan at dapat ko itong paninindigan.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


This is Bea during morning and the afternoon.

And this is Bea during midnight. Does this picture frightened you a LOT?

Honestly, this is pure katuwaan lamang but the second picture's a freaky one! Hi Bea (Byat, Beat or whatever) comment ka ha, bantay!

Ka-Isko na Ako!

Ka-Isko na Ako!

It's official.

I'm loaded.

And definitey, it's finally OVER!

Certified ISKO na ako! Yahoo!

Anyways, due to my excitement on my enrolment, I slept at 1.30am. Sheesh. Oh by the way, this day marks the official enrolment of all UP campuses around the Philippines. Well, mom woke me at 6.10am. Imagine? It's too early and I can't even let my eyes open. It remained closed until I walked through the kitchen to eat the oh-so sumptuous breakfast - that is pandesal and a glass of water. Hmm, pretty cool huh? I'm being sarcastic nowadays. Okayokay.

So I arrived in UP at 7.30am and the first step was to get the medical clearance from the school nurse. Oh yeah, so I'm not that outgoing, I waited for somebody to introduce themselves like:

Anong course moh? or, Saan ka grumaduate? Well I met this boy (I think his name was Mathhew, Mark, whatever! basta Castro ang family name!) and he came all the way from Misamis Oriental. His parents made him as a waitlist in UP Mindanao with a course of BS ABE - agribusiness economics. Hmmm..

And the funny thing was, Almost all students that I've asked, their courses were BS Computer Science. I was surpised when I saw their prospectus. God! Puro Math, Calculus, Differential Calculus, Analytical Geometry, or whatever. Whew! Although, it's a challenge for them. I was also shocked when I saw my schedule, imagine?

My Biology 1 and Chemistry 16 Laboratory were scheduled at Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday with this time:

10 am - 1pm Grabeh! 3 straight hours without lunch! Shit! Oh dear oh my. I don't like my schedule on Tuesdays because the class wouldn't stop from 8.30 am - 4.30 pm. Grabeh! Gutom na 'yan!

As I finished all the requirements for enrolment, their I saw my old classmate : Miguel Guillermo! I remember my elementary days, he was this cutie boy but now? He's a Geeky boy! Mind you, he wore this dorky glasses, and he even colored his hair. My friend Krista even quoted that he looks like a KOREAN DORK! ooops, but I'm glad that he still knew me. Alright, so that's it pansit! I can't wait for class!

My aim: To be in the chancellor's list and had an average of 1.00! Well, nothing's impossible if you strive for it!

UP - Maroons go, go, go!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Confessions of an Insomniac

Alright. So now I'm stumped! okay, okay. So Maricris was forced evicted in the house, and personally I was happy about it! Even my textmates, they're so happy that they want to hold a big party about it! Dad, ihanda ang lechon (pati ang redwine!) bwahahahah! Okay before I proceed, let me tell you something about this. I had a list of top ten peopleor types of people on which I hated most. Let's start the countdown!

[ 10 ] --> I don't like people with a NEGATIVE perspectives in LIFE. Arrghhh. It's very irritating for me (and hopefully, it's irritating for you too!). Just like Maricris of PBB. Arrghh. Hate her!

[ 9 ] --> I hate disrespectful people. Respect is earned by self, and it's not acquired from others. Period. It's simple as that, or otherwise.

[ 8 ] --> I don't like people with a barbaric manner. It's simple as this: If a person follows a distinctive good behavior, then he/she grew in a good environment. I mean, it's not good to see a person with no manners and they didn't follow even just a single proper etiquette from home to the community.

[ 7 ] --> I hate "PLASTICS". Who loves them at the first place? I mean they make "beso-beso" to you and when you turn your back, they'll stab you with no reason at all. Shit.

[ 6 ] --> I hate people who are dishonest. It's like the boy who cried wolf, or worse. But hell! Who loves them? Duh. Trust is connected with honesty dude.

[ 5 ] --> I don't like people who just depends on you - TOTALLY! This is rampant in school. Whenever you made your CALCULUS homework and made an extra effort on it, those chimps would just get your assignment and copy it in just a matter of seconds. It's pretty unfair.

[ 4 ] --> I don't like people who keeps on telling their dilemmas and problems in their so called "crappy life". I mean, I'm a good friend - who listens to your problems and gives friendly and helpful advises but I mean, if it occurs EVERYDAY?! I mean, dibah? Nakakainis kasi pati araw mo masisira, nakadadamay ang problema niya sa iyo!

[ 3 ] --> I hate SOCIAL CLIMBERS and FLIRTS. Eeeww! As I said earlier, why do they exist in this world?

[ 2 ] --> I hate people those who fake their own life. It's like an Illusion of Grandeur kuppo! They said that they had this luxurious life but the truth is, they're not like this and that. Arrghhh! Pwede bah?!

[ 1 ] --> I H A T E THIEVES! I hate that person! The one who stole my SCIENTIFIC CALCULATOR! Curse you..

Ehem-ehem-ehem.. Am I okay now? Okay so now I'm okay.. Definitely OKAY.

Well, I didn't had any interviews at all! Well first at Monday, the UP office was closed at that time so we went back home and I slept again. And by Wednesday, the alleged 'interview' was short, but hell, she just asked me my personal info, then that's it pansit! Then we went home after an hour. Then I slept up to 4pm! Whoa! Will you look at the time?? I can't sleep at that time and I don't know why! Hmmpph. Okay okay, so now, I declared that I'm an Insomniac! Hopefully, this would be totally eradicated as soon as possible.

I can't sleep from 11pm-1.30am, but I can sleep when it's 2am. And I'm sleepy in the morning. And I don't know why!

---Michael Scofield, Lincoln Burrow, LJ, Bellick, T-Bag, Fish, Snowflake, Dr. Sarah, Atty. Veronica, Atty. Nick, Marilyn the Cat, Sef..---

Familiar isn't it?!

Hey! Can't you get it? Well, today I'm ADDICTED with PRISON BREAK! I really love Dr. Sarah! And I really admired MICHAEL SCOFIELD'S intelligence. He had a brain and he got instincts.

Hey this is a lengthy one! Well, I really miss you guys, SOBRA!

Love you all!