Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I'm very very very (owwzz) excited on this day: JUNE 7, 2007. What's this day by the way? Well, it's my FIRST DAY in UP! Yahoo!

Though, this day is like a program or some sort of welcoming us (the freshmen of course) so, no LECTURES (I think so??). Anyways I believe that I'm gonna be that shy kid, waiting for someone in vain to talk to me. Mind you it's very difficult for me to talk to someone whom I didn't know (call me snobbish but that's true). Meanwhile, I believe that college life could be so demanding compared to highschool life. It's a new phase of my life and I should pump my brain for the upcoming lessons most especially BIOLOGY and Chemistry. Hay naku, I need to reread my chemistry book since this subject is quite heavy - 5 units pare!

Oh by the way, students would be divided of the following cliques:

a] BRAINY HIGH - Obviously, this clique belongs to geeks! Well, not actually. Those who excells in academics particularly in Science, English, History and Math. Luckily I belonged to this clique (as what I've surveyed this a year ago) though I'm not your typical geek! Nyahaha. And most of all, not all geeks wore this particular attire - squeeky rubber shoes with loose-fitting shirts, shorts, multi-colored socks with their shirts tucked in. Ngyek, parang CLOWN??

b] SOSSY HIGH - Sons and daughters of rich business tycoons belonged to this clique. Armed with techie gadgets, make-ups, hair wax/clays and other beauty paraphernalias. They're the most famous in terms of their aura. (Huwwwaaat??)Okay okay, that's because they can spend their treasures doesn't mean they don't have brains, well that's what I've noticed in some movies related to college life. They can be as smart as those brainy kiddos.

c] REBEL HIGH - They can be obnoxious like a lone devil but they can be a nice dude. Though, they are rebels who seeks pleasures on peers, and other stuffs (don't tell me, pati drugs? oh no that's bad). They're troubled and they don't care about who they are and how they dressed. Being unique is their number one priority. Some sort of just being the center of attraction (or do they??)

d] NICE GUY HIGH - The most common of all possible cliques! And mind you, it's not easy to be nice though especially if you're mean or worse brutal. But don't get me wrong. I can be a nice guy if I want to!

Combine these F O U R would mean another chaotic (or memorable??) college life. I'm really excited. Sobra!



  1. First Day High?? Hehehe.. anyways congrats dahil UP Isko ka na!! Good luck!! Nga pala, YFC member ka pala? Sana di maputol ang service mo.. YFC rin ako bro!

  2. nice to see your so excited about school. Hope to see you get the job you like most when you graduate :D

  3. Hmm.. Ano kaya ako jan? Haha!

    D siguro ako nung high school pero baka ngayong college A na! Whoo!

    Pareho tayo ayokong unang lumalapit. I hate first days. But mind you, I'm not a snob. I'm definitely approachable. Get the hint? Approachable. Lol!

    Comment ka rin sa blog ko. Hehehe!

  4. sa una lang yang mga ganyang notions about college. in fact, when you're in the campus na, more or less halo halo ang mga peers. walang definite na group.

  5. jay ar::

    hahaha.. maybe yes or maybe no.. who knows dibah???

  6. kuya ian::

    hay naku.. baka may income na mga batchmates ko.. ako nag-aaral pa rin.. im planning to take medicine when i graduate and hopefully sa up manila :)

  7. fjords::

    di ako YFC noh!!! hahaha at sino ang nagsabi saiyo?? hahaha lolz :)

  8. carmigz::

    xurxur no problem dude.. hahaha dork ka na! hahaha

  9. brunx134:19 PM

    im a rebel slash brainy (ows?!) slash sossy... hahaha! im never the nice guy!

  10. brunx13:

    hahahaha.. pseudo-wicked ka nga talaga!

  11. stuart4:21 PM

    dibah lima man ang cliques??

  12. stuuu:::

    di uie! four lng oie! hahaha