Thursday, May 17, 2007

Angat ang Pinoy

I was born in this third world country wherein poverty, violence and malevolent corruption exist. Despite these frequent accusations from other countries like states, European countries which they imposed several travel advisories in our country, we still manage to live peacefully and in reality, (or generally speaking, otherwise), Philippines is a peaceful country, though we still imposed that we're not perfect, right?

Filipinos or Pinoys are people who lived in the Philippines (well it's kinda obvious though). Filipinos are scattered in different parts of the world, most especially in USA, Europe and in the Middle East. Filipinos are highly unique in many different ways.

Filipinos are hospitable.

Ika nga, "Onli in da Pilipins." This was proven even in the olden times. Somehow, even in the new millenium, we sought and found that Filipinos are STILL hospitable. Just like the Big Brother Swap that happened just recently. You can see the difference between Philippines and Slovenia. Slowly, we begin to recognize how warm Filipinos were especially when the Slovenian visitor visited us. Filipino housemates made sure that their visitor had a homey feeling, despite the nostalgic feeling of the visitor. Likewise, when Bruce was sent to Slovenia, he was not treated like the Filipinos did in the Philippines. Needless to say, they are not that hospitable compared to us. Worse, he was given a racist remarks from the two Slovene housemates. Truly, we had a respect even in our visitors no matter what.

Filipinos are known to be innovative.

Needless to say, when a problem arises, they'll find certain answers or possible solution whenever a problem starts even if it's surreal.

Filipinos are born to be an intelligent being.

Ever wonder who invented fluorescent lamp/light? Well, he's no other than Agapito Flores all the way from Cebu City. The moon rover, which was used during the lunar exploration by Apollo 11 was created and designed by a Filipino (sorry I forgot his name). Their are many useful and significant inventions which Filipinos invented it, though unfortunately, our government had no time for them, and their lame excuse is that they didn't have enough budget to patent their inventions. So, with such desperate attempts, they sold it to American inventors and have their inventions patent by another name. That's a sad sad story.

Filipinos are STRONG.

We are strong in every different ways. Somehow, we were the first Southeast Asian country to reach the summit of Mt. Everest. We can't deny it, were strong physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Filipinos are known to be HONEST.

Ladies and gentleman, I had a good news on you. There are still lots of honest people who still exist in this country. And I really admire them. :)

Filipinos are BRAVE.

No doubt why we had so many heroes which are listed in our history like Jose Rizal, Andres Bonifacio and others.

Filipinos are CREATIVE.

We had so many artists in our country. Likewise, Filipinos are born to be talented. In the field of sports, arts, music, and other related media, we are famous for it in the whole world.

Filipinos had a Sense of humor.

Pinoys are known to possess this sense of humor, well almost all of us! Had you compared the sitcom of America to us? I bet in the states, their jokes are that awkward and worse, not that funny. We Filipinos had this mentality that despite of heavy problems, trials and dilemmas in life, we still managed to laugh like a silly hyena! I tell you. And their common reason for that? "Pampaalis ng pagod."

Filipinos are RESPECTFUL.

Yes and yes we are very respectful. Example of these are:

Saying po and opo when we talk to the elders, our undying sign of respect, the "mano po" and most of all, we say ate or kuya in our elder brother/sister or even for those who are not related on us. As long as respect is present, we can live harmoniously in our country.

Filipinos are HELPFUL.

Well, we lend our hand especially for those people who needed help badly.

What else can you add? Masipag? Masunurin? Cheerful?

I guess we Filipinos possess almost all of the positive traits in the world.

I hope even in the next century or millennium, Filipinos will still practice these good traits that we could be proud of.

We may not be the first world country that everybody's dreaming of, we may not own any nuclear weapons, we may not be the richest country in the world, but we still live as a Filipino - who lived in a colorful country.

Let's show the world what a true Filipino is!

**PS: thank you for those who greeted my mom! I love you guys!


  1. sadly though, not all pinoy are like you. and it takes only one pinoy to give the country a bad name... still, your optimism is respectable, the Philippines should have more people like you.

  2. yep yep! even though third world pa rin tayo, i still love this country ^_^

  3. hahaha.. ur ryt jay ar.. ika nga proud to be pinoy!

  4. well thanks philospohical bastard! i really appreciate ur comment. hahaha :)

  5. addict092:03 PM

    naman, proud to be pinoy :)

  6. Wow parang naging proud naman ako bigla na Pinoy ako. lol!

    Tama si Ginoong Philosophical Bastard. This country needs more people like you. Bakit? Kasi kung lahat sana ng mga Pinoy magiging proud sa pagiging isang Pinoy, siguro uunlad tayo.

    I mean, look at the Japanese 'di ba? Proud sila to be who and what they are. Hindi sila ganun ka-bihasa sa paggamit ng ingles pero maunlad sila. Dahil patriotic sila. Proud of their being japanese.

    Kudos to you my friend for igniting that flame of patriotism! Whoo! Go!

    PS. I tagged you. Punta ka sa blog ko for more details. Hehe!

  7. hahaha thanks carmigz! tsktsk3..

    uunlad ang pilipinas balang araw

  8. Honestly,we sometimes deserve the title that is being thrown to us...our Government must awaken and open their eyes that we were being bombarded and called names by other countries..