Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Ka-Isko na Ako!

Ka-Isko na Ako!

It's official.

I'm loaded.

And definitey, it's finally OVER!

Certified ISKO na ako! Yahoo!

Anyways, due to my excitement on my enrolment, I slept at 1.30am. Sheesh. Oh by the way, this day marks the official enrolment of all UP campuses around the Philippines. Well, mom woke me at 6.10am. Imagine? It's too early and I can't even let my eyes open. It remained closed until I walked through the kitchen to eat the oh-so sumptuous breakfast - that is pandesal and a glass of water. Hmm, pretty cool huh? I'm being sarcastic nowadays. Okayokay.

So I arrived in UP at 7.30am and the first step was to get the medical clearance from the school nurse. Oh yeah, so I'm not that outgoing, I waited for somebody to introduce themselves like:

Anong course moh? or, Saan ka grumaduate? Well I met this boy (I think his name was Mathhew, Mark, whatever! basta Castro ang family name!) and he came all the way from Misamis Oriental. His parents made him as a waitlist in UP Mindanao with a course of BS ABE - agribusiness economics. Hmmm..

And the funny thing was, Almost all students that I've asked, their courses were BS Computer Science. I was surpised when I saw their prospectus. God! Puro Math, Calculus, Differential Calculus, Analytical Geometry, or whatever. Whew! Although, it's a challenge for them. I was also shocked when I saw my schedule, imagine?

My Biology 1 and Chemistry 16 Laboratory were scheduled at Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday with this time:

10 am - 1pm Grabeh! 3 straight hours without lunch! Shit! Oh dear oh my. I don't like my schedule on Tuesdays because the class wouldn't stop from 8.30 am - 4.30 pm. Grabeh! Gutom na 'yan!

As I finished all the requirements for enrolment, their I saw my old classmate : Miguel Guillermo! I remember my elementary days, he was this cutie boy but now? He's a Geeky boy! Mind you, he wore this dorky glasses, and he even colored his hair. My friend Krista even quoted that he looks like a KOREAN DORK! ooops, but I'm glad that he still knew me. Alright, so that's it pansit! I can't wait for class!

My aim: To be in the chancellor's list and had an average of 1.00! Well, nothing's impossible if you strive for it!

UP - Maroons go, go, go!


  1. That is so cool... your gonna study in U.P!...... I tried to get into that school but unfortunately when I applied, I unconsciously checked all of my "real" options which all happened to be quota courses... well okay, Im not that smart... hehehe.... so the result? My name on the waiting list.... But my mom couldn't wait anymore so she dragged me into another state university in our province (Bulacan State University) and ended up studying something half heartedly.... so I hope that you could achieve your goal!

  2. yahahaha.. ya ryt.. when I took my UPCAT, this is my right formula para makapasa!

    20% review, 80% PRAYERS! hahahaha

  3. wahahaha gud thing nakapasa talaga ako sa pinaka mahirap na entrance exam sa buong pilipinas!