Thursday, May 10, 2007

Start of Something New

So my title for this blog sucks, literally. Oh well life must go on. Nyahaha. Anyways, this day marks the first day of UP - Mindanao Freshmen Conference (I think the word conference is inappropriate because I forgot the C-word already. Oh hear we go again, please bear with me because I had this certain disease named: LNS - Last Name Syndrome. Quite Shitty.

Okay, so the conference started at 8.00am and of course we were congratulated for the gazilionth time because we passed the UPCAT (Out of 70,000 who took this test, only 11,000 passed the exam. Okay, so much for that deafening applause. Hmmpph. The first part was a bit interesting but as the time progress, I felt that this conference would take forever! Hunger attacked me for a while, though I ate a hearty and heavy breaakfast before I left my house. Oh by the way, my house was only a 15minute ride to the campus. Good thing.

So, the grading system was explained and elaborated by the speaker and of course, they don't FOLLOW ZERO-BASED grading system. (Again, applause ulit.. clap-clap..). Also, the computation for the GWA or the general average was explained also. Well, I envisioned myself that my name would be in the CHANCELLOR'S LISTS with a minimum GWA of at least 1.00 - 1.45. Dean's List would range from 1.45-1.75 and the Honor Roll would be from 1.76-2.00. Hmmm.

And take note of this thing: NO ONE EVER GRADUATED as SUMMA CUM LAUDE and MAGNA CUM LAUDE, but this prestigious university made several cum laude awardees. These are the general average to get these scholastic awards: (1st year - 4th/5th year)

Summa Cum Laude - 1.20 --> OH GODDD! Ang taas!

Magna Cum Laude - 1.45

Cum Laude - 1.75

Hmm, could I made it to the top? I mean if I do, I could mold UP Mindanao's history as the first Summa Cum Laude awardee. Hmmm, let's find out after four years from now.

As what I had printed on my subconscious mind:


I couldn't bear the melancholic melody of our school hymn. Mind you nakakaantok!! As in grabeh. Pero I had no choice but to memorized that crap. (ooooopss). Okay, so I was a bit surprised of the university's faculty and staff. Whoa, would you believe that:

-98% of the professors and lecturers were graduates of UP!!! Moreover, they pursue their doctorate course outside in the Philippines like USA, London, Japan, Australia, etc.

Though, despite the academic pressure in this school, it's not impossible to enjoy myself to the company of others.

Lastly, the school discourage us to ride HH - Habal-habal because it's very dangerous. Jeeps, the university bus and some tricycles are available and it's safe.

Just one thing I need to remind myself everyday:

Ako'y tinaguriang iskolar ng bayan at dapat ko itong paninindigan.


  1. zamoraiex3:09 PM

    nice site!

  2. heehee thnks zamoraiex!

  3. reyanko3:11 PM

    wow!! ISKOLAR ka pala!! hehehe

  4. hahaha kaya nga.. ka-isko na talaga ako! yahoo!

  5. tama pala! i was thinking c- ang word.. ORIENTATION pala! so yeah, I'm stumped for the millionth time!

  6. oi!! pasa din po ako sa UP!! so... i'm one of the 11,000 dakilang estudyante's who passed.. right right?... uhuh. anyway, hindi ako tuloy sa UP. I'm an SPCian now..good luck tsong!! super good luck... wag mo kaming kalimutan pag isang sikat na doktor or surgeon ka na! ha?! -cheerio!-

  7. wahahaha! kabalo ka nic? lingaw gud didto.. meet new friends cheche stuffs.. hakhak! pero at least dibah? pasado tang duha! yahoooo!

    All Hail dorkus!

  8. bluefoxtail3:19 PM

    scholar ka? yaay...and wow..... well, just dropping a message..... and lam mo pareho tayo ng theme ...lyf s a song, but orange lang s akin....

  9. angelalibby3:49 PM

    scholar!!...congrats renz=)

  10. yuckz gaya-gaya! well anyways.. lingaw xa noh?! hehehe tagal na tau di nag-uusap! huhuhu =) linaw gud dito UP fred!