Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Big Momma

Belated Happy Mother's Day Everyone!

Okay, aside from the late greetings for my mom, it's her 40th birthday this coming May 17. Okayokay, aside from my mom, I would like to extend my greetings to the following people na magbirbirthday sa may 17: Pixie Sarmiento, Ate Cherry Pinili, Tita Mina So and sa lahat na magbirbirthday ngayong may 17.

You heard it, mom's gonna turn 40 this year. Meaning, she gave birth to me when she was only 23, and got married at an early age of 22. One advantage of giving birth at an early age is that, even though I'm a teenager, my mom's still young, though the only drawback of getting married in an early age is that she didn't enjoy her single life that much. Hmm, well, if she didn't marry my dad, most probably, I'll not exist in this world. Hmmm.

Okayokay, enough of those melodramatic lines. Hay naku. Well, sometimes, my mom is my bestfriend, and sometimes my enemy, (seldom). When we go out together, well like in malls, people often took this common mistake: That she's my older sister, or worse, my girlfriend (Huwaaaattt). Yes, seriously, someone even quoted na bagay raw kami or what. Luckily, she inherited this kind of genes/traits that she'll not look older than her physiological age, even today, she even looks like a 25 yr.old single woman. Kaya nga, she always wore her wedding ring. Hahaha Lolz.

Well, it's not that I'm bragging her or what, it's like I'm very proud of my mom. Despite some difficulties in life, she still managed to raise me and my brother as their good son that they wanted to. Although, I'm not perfect, sometimes may pagkukulang din ako or what, but she's the ONLY person that could understand my personality and my intense mood swings.

Kaya minsan, sinasagot ko siya ng pabalang and she always reminds me of this:

"Diyos ko! 23 hours akong nag labor sa iyo, nahirapan ako sa iyo nung una kasi iyakin ka masyado, tapos away-awayin mo lang ako??! Humpphh."

She half-jokingly said that but it's the reality.

Kaya, pag 40 ka na ma, I'll promise that you'll be proud on me on every endeavors that I'll achieve in the future.


Hugs and kisses form your cutest (ehem) son,


Errrrr, isali ko nalang si Ojie. Hay naku. =)


  1. advanced happy birthday to your mom! bata pa pala siya, just like my mom. 22-23 ata siya nung naging preggy sakin hehe.

  2. Happy Birthday po sa mommy mo! Whoo ang bata bata pa nya!

    Pareho tayo, halos isang buong araw din nag-labor mommy ko sakin pero sinasagot sagot ko lang siya. Ka-guilty naman. Pero hindi naman nya pinapamukha sakin yun. hehe!

    Sige po. Umm.. Happy Birthday ulit sa Mommy mo!

  3. nyahaha.. pero di xa preggy ha nung kinasal xa sa dad ko.. hahaha she got pregnant after a month or two ;)

  4. carmigz3:25 PM

    Ang interesting naman ng blog na 'to. At kasing edad/ka-batch din kita ha! Saya naman. Buti ka pa UP! Ako greatest regret ko na 'di ko kinuha slot ko sa UP Manila eh. lol Sige po daan-daan lang! Daan

  5. carmigz3:26 PM

    daan ka rin sa blog ko!