Thursday, May 03, 2007

Confessions of an Insomniac

Alright. So now I'm stumped! okay, okay. So Maricris was forced evicted in the house, and personally I was happy about it! Even my textmates, they're so happy that they want to hold a big party about it! Dad, ihanda ang lechon (pati ang redwine!) bwahahahah! Okay before I proceed, let me tell you something about this. I had a list of top ten peopleor types of people on which I hated most. Let's start the countdown!

[ 10 ] --> I don't like people with a NEGATIVE perspectives in LIFE. Arrghhh. It's very irritating for me (and hopefully, it's irritating for you too!). Just like Maricris of PBB. Arrghh. Hate her!

[ 9 ] --> I hate disrespectful people. Respect is earned by self, and it's not acquired from others. Period. It's simple as that, or otherwise.

[ 8 ] --> I don't like people with a barbaric manner. It's simple as this: If a person follows a distinctive good behavior, then he/she grew in a good environment. I mean, it's not good to see a person with no manners and they didn't follow even just a single proper etiquette from home to the community.

[ 7 ] --> I hate "PLASTICS". Who loves them at the first place? I mean they make "beso-beso" to you and when you turn your back, they'll stab you with no reason at all. Shit.

[ 6 ] --> I hate people who are dishonest. It's like the boy who cried wolf, or worse. But hell! Who loves them? Duh. Trust is connected with honesty dude.

[ 5 ] --> I don't like people who just depends on you - TOTALLY! This is rampant in school. Whenever you made your CALCULUS homework and made an extra effort on it, those chimps would just get your assignment and copy it in just a matter of seconds. It's pretty unfair.

[ 4 ] --> I don't like people who keeps on telling their dilemmas and problems in their so called "crappy life". I mean, I'm a good friend - who listens to your problems and gives friendly and helpful advises but I mean, if it occurs EVERYDAY?! I mean, dibah? Nakakainis kasi pati araw mo masisira, nakadadamay ang problema niya sa iyo!

[ 3 ] --> I hate SOCIAL CLIMBERS and FLIRTS. Eeeww! As I said earlier, why do they exist in this world?

[ 2 ] --> I hate people those who fake their own life. It's like an Illusion of Grandeur kuppo! They said that they had this luxurious life but the truth is, they're not like this and that. Arrghhh! Pwede bah?!

[ 1 ] --> I H A T E THIEVES! I hate that person! The one who stole my SCIENTIFIC CALCULATOR! Curse you..

Ehem-ehem-ehem.. Am I okay now? Okay so now I'm okay.. Definitely OKAY.

Well, I didn't had any interviews at all! Well first at Monday, the UP office was closed at that time so we went back home and I slept again. And by Wednesday, the alleged 'interview' was short, but hell, she just asked me my personal info, then that's it pansit! Then we went home after an hour. Then I slept up to 4pm! Whoa! Will you look at the time?? I can't sleep at that time and I don't know why! Hmmpph. Okay okay, so now, I declared that I'm an Insomniac! Hopefully, this would be totally eradicated as soon as possible.

I can't sleep from 11pm-1.30am, but I can sleep when it's 2am. And I'm sleepy in the morning. And I don't know why!

---Michael Scofield, Lincoln Burrow, LJ, Bellick, T-Bag, Fish, Snowflake, Dr. Sarah, Atty. Veronica, Atty. Nick, Marilyn the Cat, Sef..---

Familiar isn't it?!

Hey! Can't you get it? Well, today I'm ADDICTED with PRISON BREAK! I really love Dr. Sarah! And I really admired MICHAEL SCOFIELD'S intelligence. He had a brain and he got instincts.

Hey this is a lengthy one! Well, I really miss you guys, SOBRA!

Love you all!


  1. hmm.. so now? i slept at 5am just to finish the 1st season of prison break.. grbeh.. you should watch it!

  2. Sure xlink tayo... dami mo pla fans eh.... daming comments :D

  3. ngekngek.. di naman ako kagaya ni luis manzano, coconuter, or bianca gonzales na hanggang 56 comments.. well papunta pa ako jan haha

  4. brunx135:11 PM

    love that your using the OST of House... I so love this... well, did what you suggested.. thanks!

  5. bwahahaa.. tnks to kim calatrava.. siya ang nagsabi sa akin ng title nyan.. hakhak!