Sunday, May 13, 2007

To be vain or not be VAIN

It goes like this: To be vain or narcissistic is quite normal to me, but for others, they find it weird. That explains enough why I had tons of pictures in my cellphone, multiply account and my friendster account. I don't know why, but honestly, I love to take pictures of my own face. Imagine that!

Until this horrifying accident occurred one stormy night. Heck that was only I think, 3 days ago, more or less. It goes like this:

I was looking on my face again on my favorite mirror when suddenly, a ferocious (uhhhh?) monster came in! It squirts an inky black fluid in my eyes which blinded me for a while. Okay okay - Nag.brownout. Okay??! So I went outside to retrieve some essentials during this annoying brownout. Hmmpphh. So I left the mirror on my bed and as I went back to my room, I jumped in the bed with my left knee as the first one to hit in the cushion (Just call me CRAZY!). Then a familiar sound was heard and TOOOGGGSSHH! My precious mirror broke!!! Packing Sheet!!!! Okayokay.. So my left knee bled profusely and the remnants of my mirror were pieces of innocent shards of glass. But I really don't care if my left knee bled at that time. So I say my final goodbyes to my beloved mirror. Afterwhich, I threw it on my trash bin!

The second day, my dad went to my room to fix my mirror in the closet. And Baaggsssshh! Again, he broke my closet mirror (it's half of my size, or two-thirds rather). It was an accident though. Good thing, only one-fourth of the mirror was destroyed, apathetically speaking.

Hay naku, so yung salamin nalang na kinuha ko sa Periscope ang gagamitin ko? Oh dear, that was pretty small, pag-tiyagaan ko nalang iyon!


  1. hey renz! salamat sa comment mo! hehehe :) nyc pics ha! char2 kau bah, morag korek! hahahahah!

  2. bwahahaha.. tnx kiss!

  3. reyanko5:45 PM

    in short super malas mo talaga!

  4. oo nga nakakabwisit!!!

  5. Haha funny experience eh. ^_^. I'll update my blog soon. tinatamad pako eh. congrats for being in UP.