Sunday, April 29, 2007

Justification Matters

For a week, I felt uneasy due to my prescribed antibiotic that the doctor gave to me during my physical examination last wednesday. Imagine? I had UTI or Urinary Tract Infection! So my parents decidedn that I'll be BANNED (well, sana it wouldn't last for a LIFETIME!). No junkfoods like fishcrackers, chippy, oishi and refrain from carbonated drinks. Water therapy mga 'tol! But hey,I remembered that those mentioned "junkfoods" are not junkfoods at all! Oh well. Just for the sake that my UTI would finally leave my system. Dear.

Okay.okay. So elections nearing but I don't care. Really. It's just like I'm sick and tired of those campaign ads which give me those unnerving creeps! Mind you, those who had "real" intentions of being a senator had a plain chance to lose because of those corrupt politician, who shelled almost 150 million pesos just to have their destined position in the senate. But this intriguedme so much:

The problem in the Philippines deals with poverty, energy crisis, fluctuating economy and things like that. But in the STATES? their issue is just GLOBAL WARMING! Seethe difference of a first and a third world country? Hay naku.

Talking about our country and the US of A, I was saddened by the sudden and gruesome death of JULIA CAMPBELL. I pity her. Maybe the LORD wanted her in heaven because there's saying that those who are very nice and charitable to others may see the LORD as soon as possible. Hmmm. May she rest in peace.

I was watching PINOY BIG BROTHER yesterday and the other day and I was definitely annoyed and irritated by the negative ATTITUDE of MARICRIS! I mean like duh, she's so pathetic and all she wanted is to rage war and provoke BEA, my favorite housemate. She's really stupid. Get that B*TCH out of kuya's house please.

And yeah, talking about PBB, I was surprised by the racist remarks made by Pero and Mija. They're so judgmental! Just to think, Bruce is more fluent in English than those Slovene dicks! Arrghhh! They even said it (in Slovene language) while Bruce is just a meter away from them. Imagine? I think they deserve their punishment. Hay naku.

Oh dear oh my, tomorrow's gonna be my INTERVIEW in UP!! Wish me luck!


  1. Maricris is gone good! hehehe.

    Good luck for your interview.

  2. renz, nyc blog! ahehehe...soooper! tnx sa imong comment ha... :) ask lng me kung unsaon pagbutang og pop-up na dle pwede ma copy paste ang pix or whtsoever..plz....tnx daan! :)i really nid it,,di ko kc alam pano...

  3. kaya nga.. hahaha uhmmm.. yehey! syang ala na akong kaiinisan sa PBB. ay wait.. si WENDY na pala! yahoooo!

  4. wla na din si wendy!! so wla ka nang kakainisan talaga