Sunday, April 08, 2007

Lenten Escapade

It was yet another hot and humid lenten week as our family decided to have our own temporary shelter from the scorching heat of the sun. Nope, we never attended any masses nor any sugat or the famous Bisita Iglesia. We're not that religious, or shall I say, we never practice this or whatever. As long as I had faith in God, we'll that's okay, for me! Nyaha.. looks like I'm the devil in here! Shoot.

Anyway, it's been a long while since it rained. Ohhh, I want rain! I need it badly! Oh shoot, the sun's heat is unbearable. Shux.

We spent our lenten season by spending a night in Mergrande Beach Resort. It's kind a tradition that we spent our lenten season for the past 11 years!!

Oh God, at least I dipped in the cold water of pool and nakalalabas na ako ng bahay after so many years of isolation inside Kuya's House este, my home! Tsk3..

You know, I'm so envious to my tita, she scubadived in Tlikud Island, Samal! It's part of her work and gawd! She said that it's like there's another world which coexists with us under the sea. How I wished that I had enough time and experience the scuba thrill! Humphh!

Anyways, last night, there was this party and the birthday celebrant was celebrating her 75th birthday. What will you expect the majority of her visitors?! Oh well, puros mga matatanda. I laughed so hard when I watched those oldies danced in Hawaian Five-OH and Ang Tigulang! Wahahaha! I really love their party theme - Tahitian-inspired.

Good thing, we're not alone. My lola aunt [sister of my lolo], spent overnight too, and magkatabi ang aming cottage! Yeabah! Itsowbibo. The bad thing was I didn't bathed in the sea because I heard that the Salmonela & E. Coli content in the sea is very high, which poses great danger especially to the children if ingested high dosage of sea water [heck di naman talaga yan maiiwasan]. I tried and tested the sea water and it made my wounds [from mosquito bites] itched like crazy! Damn, I Really missed the sea already.

The night was enjoyable and I had fun. I slept early, and it's a big accomplishment to me! Yeah! I slept at 11:30pm and woke at 7:45am. Oh dear, buti nalang aircon ang cottage, because on our previous overnight in this resort wherein we only acquired the non-airconditioned cottage, I slept at 2 in the morning and woke at 5am. See the difference?! It's not being maarte or what, because I'm ASTHMATIC. Matuyuan lang ng pawis, ubo ang parusa!! Bwahahaha!

At night, I swam in the pool and I enjoyed it. Hmphh. Then, I decided to stroll around the resort and many drunk men and women enjoyed their favorite past time - BIRIT sa VIDEOKE!! bwahahaha! They sang My Way and good thing was, nothing happened.

Although, it's very bitin but I guess, the important thing is that, Nakalabas na ako ng bahay!!! Yeeehahahah!

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