Monday, April 02, 2007

Random Thoughts

I'm busy reading or REREADING this freakin' yet tear-jerker book:

I just want to reread it because I forgot half of the story. Well, I just only remember that Dumbledore died in this installment. Yikes! Well, just read the last chapter.. THE WHITE TOMB. Whenever I read that, I remember our late Sir Puno. How sad.

I'm watching and got addicted with this:

Well, I already watched the third season and I really LOVE IT!. Sad to say, hanggang episode 17 lang which is quite bitin to watch. I thought Meredith Grey will die in this season. And I was wrong. Definitely wrong!

Dr. House is an amusing series. It's not as controversial as Grey's because in this series, it doesn't touch the doctor's personal life. It just concentrates in various sickness. Quite similar to CSI, although, they're trying to solve the real cause of a certain sickness or what. He's a doctor with no TLC - Tender Loving Care. Although, he's quite amusing to watch with.

Anyone? What's the shortcut key for CUT?!

Today's Holy monday and we should reflect on our sins. Don't eat pork party people!

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