Monday, April 16, 2007

Funny Conundrums

Their are things that made me laugh so hard like a lunatic clown (I'm not exaggerating or what.. otherwise), smile and sneer. Now let's start shall we?

1) It made me L A U G H so hard when I recall these funny TV commercials, namely:

[a] Rexona Teens wherein three girls danced to the groovy beat of SPICE GIRLS when suddenly, during the Chorus part (if you wanna be my lover..) the cute girl in the center raised her hands and without any feeble realization, her two friends (or two roommates? whatever it doesn't matter) felt dizzy because of her obnoxious body odour. Whew! Rexona's tv ad was effective though.

[b] The Pepsi tv ad wherein there's a promo and the prize is a precious MOTOROLA W330i or whatever. Anyways, it's funny when he tried to relieve himself from thirst, he suddenly uttered like a sound of a ringing cellphone! After that, he LITERALLY vibrates like a cellphone. Wihihihihi. Lolz. =]

2) It made me S M I L E when I remember the most memorable events in my high school life. Well most probably, I really miss my Senior life. Hmm.. Luckily, our batch switched to SUN CELLULAR, so we kept in touch everyday. The most memorable retreat (where half of the class didn't sleep), mangrove planting (where we planted mangroves in a sticky terrain) and most of all, the graduation. Hmpph. High school life is surely the most memorable days of my life. UP here I come!

3) It made me S M I L E when the owner of an Internet cafe mistakenly identified me as the contestant of the defunct CLOSE UP 2 FAME! The story goes like this:

I went to the net cafe because I want to scan my grad pic. Then, the owner suddenly asked me with this whimsical question:

"Sino nanalo?!" (Who won?)

Well, of course I replied Saan? (Where?!)

He replied back: Sa Close up to fame!

I replied: Hindi po ako contestant kuya.. graduation picture ko lang to, pinascan ko lang to because i-popost kung lang to sa friendster, blogger and multiply.

(I'm not a contestant dude, that's only graduation picture. I just scanned it because I want to post my grad pic on friendster, blogger an multiply.)

He just smiled and continued such services.

This is my grad pic:
Now the question, do I really look like an artist?

And the verdict: (for me) H-E-L-L NO! It's a big no!

4) It made me S N E E R when I had more than 15 textmates. As usual, my textmates are my classmates. We already miss each other and I missed them too! So, I was totally frustrated and disappointed last 2 days (Friday and Saturday) because SUN Cellular was in technical difficulties or what. The result?! 4 hours of delayed messages! Argghhh. Oh well, at least, it's quite improving up to this moment.

Well, hanggang dito nalang. Countless thoughts remained to be published in the near future.

Oh yeah! I really L-O-V-E Bianca Gonzales' blog! Super! Talaga! Her stories are amusing and I really love it!


  1. maybe its because of your smile.. :P

  2. Renz...we have the same inner thought in terms of reading the blog of Bianca.....well, just changed the template of my blog again..kay ingon nimo wala oy comment just browsing the blogskins the whole day....just leave a comment whenever it is good or not..thanks

  3. hmmm.. lagi amazing man gud blog si bianca.. anyways.. ur ryt.. tnks sa comment mo!