Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Demented by Bullcrap

I know it's very hard to me. I woke up as early as 6:40 am and my eyes are still drooly. I don't care about how to scoop my own crap though, what I'm trying to point out is I'm sleepy. I slept at almost 2:00am, (well because I can't sleep) and it's not a straight sleep. Hmmm.. I dreamt about this freaky yet coincidental incident.

I'm in the hospital and the med-tech pricked me to get some blood samples. I was almost through to my Physical Examination when suddenly the doctor said I lacked my crap exam. Oh shit.

Then I woke up.

The moment that I've been waiting for. Hmphh. Unluckily, I didn't felt any even the slightest urge to poo. Whatever! So I pant like a dog but suddenly, I accidentally dropped my first poop! Shoot! I can't use it because it's been contaminated with water. Oh dear! I was in the bathroom for almost an hour and a half and yet di pa rin lumalabas ang lecheng tae na 'yon. Double shit. I was crying (well call me a drama king or what..) in the bathroom because my head really aches. Well it's because I over-panted just to let that stupid crap to get out of my rectum. Luckily, my brother wanted to poop. So I reluctantly and desperately get his poop just to let this crappy business to be finished. *Sigh*. What a relief. He's the saviour for the day. Oh, what was I'm thinking.
So we headed off to the accredited hospital of UP. We waited there for almost 2 hours before the result would be finally released. Enough of those results. I'm FINE.

I was surprised because some of the students weren't accompanied by their parents or a guardians, at least. Hmm, and I noticed and observed that they only wore a tshirt, shorts and a pair of slippers. I was surprised because I wore my chucks, straigh-cut long pants, my leepipes brown shirt and I got my haired waxed and properly groomed by me. Oh well, I think I should think in a straighforward manner, wherein my school doesn't care of what you wear or what as long as you attend your classes and have a high scholastic mark, which is my primary goal in college.

What can I say is, COLLEGE is TOTALLY different to highschool!


  1. hehehe...that's funny! feeling good now?

  2. tnx diay for helping me in customizing my blog...anyway, you really have a nice blog here so keep it up...comment pud!

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    hahay.. imdefinitely okay carlota

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    hahaha xurxur kim..nagcomment narin ako!