Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I'm afraid on you.. errrrr...

Hmm.. tomorrow's gonna be a L - O - N - G day for me. Shoot. You know why?


It's a requirement before you enroll in college. Well all colleges here in Davao and most probably in the whole Philippines required this exam. The exam is composed of;

a] Laboratory Examination on Stool (Shit, Bullcrap dude!)

b] CBC count (The reason that I must sleep early today, kung hindi.. baka kulangin ako ng CBC! hay naku..)

c] Urine Examination

d] X-ray examination

I'm not afraid of the CBC count, which deals on getting some ample amounts of my blood. In fact, I love it when I see my blood gushing on my skin. Though, I'm quite nervous with the stool examination. Imagine?! I had to deal with my shit / crap / or whatever terms maybe applicable. Arrghhh! I haven't excrete my stool since Saturday, but today, my rectum rumbled more frequently than before. Hmmm, This signals me to excrete that big 'ol shit! But I had to poo tomorrow! Oh dear! How can I scoop my poop?! Help me! Well goodluck to myself.

A little sacrifices that I must deal with:

a] I should not excrete my poop TODAY!!!

b] I should sleep early like 11pm or midnight

--> What's wrong with me? I slept at 2.30 in the morning then woke up at 2.00pm.. hmmm.. Almost 12 hours of sleep, well almost! It's like a pambawi to me since way back in school, I averaged 4 hours of sleep or less, most especially on examination days. Hay naku. I had almost one month left before school. I could already imagine the college LIFE. Totally different from highschool.

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  1. hmmmm.. I didn't use my stool, it's my brother's.. bwahaha