Sunday, March 01, 2009

The Game called LIFE

I was really attached and touched with the MMK’s episode. A woman who graduated Summa cum Laude, jobless and turned crazy after series of predicaments and tribulations that came across in her life. I pity her.

After watching the fabulous episode of MMK, I’ve realized some points that were at least significant to my life.

When I was a child, I have this unhealthy notion when a person receives a high mark on an exam he will be the most successful person in the whole world while the one who receives a failure mark would be ideally the biggest loser in town. Apparently, it was unhealthy that my phenotypic characteristics were affected by this narrow-mindedness. I keep on pressuring myself during my elementary days. I was your typical geek back in grade school. I cry when I flunk on an exam due to sheer stupidity: NFI – not following instructions. I easily get frustrated when I only had one mistake. Sometimes I ponder on to these thoughts: Did I get benefits with this bigotry?

And so when I entered high school, I managed to keep this chauvinism away from my subconscious existence. So yeah, I somehow learned how to be contented with the things around me. I somehow feel that success can be attained in other ways. And so high school passed so fast and then I entered in a more challenging track: College Life. As a tedious student, I managed to pass lab reports on time, pass or even scored high in exams, gained friends and etc. Whenever I feel tired, I don’t force myself on doing the tedious works in school; I opt to sleep and just cram the hell out of it the next morning.

Life is not confined in grades and school. Either way, the splendor of life comes with the experiences that we usually come to witness every minute and every second of our life. Apparently, because of greed, we tend to underestimate those small accomplishments in our life.

So what if I flunk an exam?
So what if I have to take this crappy subject over and over again?
So what If I don’t graduate on time?

At least I enjoyed life. At least we enjoyed life. At least we HAD a life.

Though it may be an advantage if you leave a significant mark in school the important thing is you know how to play with the game called LIFE.


And now, I'll have to finish my reaction paper in Visual Communication about the Oblation.

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