Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"Hula-hula" Hoops

Dr. ETRJr’s advisees aka RASCO BABIES (with a superscript TM on it) are really fond of doing entertaining stuffs. Yeah, every one in the class goes gaga to the iniquitous palm reading. Aiai together with her fellow ETR Babies are now experts on this paranormal field. They even had a book on it. So the long line of engrossed clients (hey that’s us! Lol) patiently waits for their turn. Madam Aiai also had this patience on reading and interpreting those lines in your palm. Questions like the future, number of children, work, leisure, love and success are some common things that were being asked and interpreted by the palm reader. Indeed, according to the book, our destiny lies in our palms.

Well, almost all of us were astonished by the coincidence of Madam Aiai’s interpretation. But yeah, this is just a form of pure entertainment since we find ways to entertain ourselves. You see, we’re always prone to boredom since the nearest mall is at least one hour and the fare is quite expensive. Being stuck in a prestigious academic institution situated in the outskirts of city is like when a prisoner or worse slave in the Medieval Times locked in a high fortress. We find ways to entertain ourselves, at least.

But yeah, while doing entertaining things (aside from Videoke, house parties and etc) like this one makes me remember an episode on a late night documentary show about a year ago. It tackled about a young woman who is very dependent on a soothsayer’s false verdicts and predictions. She tried palm reading, tarot card reading and other fortune-telling jobs in the sidewalk just to have a knowledge on what will “actually” happen in her life in the next few years, or maybe in the next few hours. It may sound horrendous but she was desperate at that time and all she wanted at that time was to have a stable job, strong family ties and of course, money. It seems to be a dim-witted idea to spend almost a thousand bucks just to have your destiny to be checked by those soothsayers when you can actually spend your money on to more important things like bills, food and water and education. Or better yet, she may opt to save the money instead and invest it to promising business or other small time franchises. Ideally, the general population of Filipinos tends to be carried away by those convincing interpretations of those fortune-tellers.

The greatest paradox was when the reporter asked the fortune-tellers if they can predict their own destiny.

The verdict: They can’t predict their own future. PERIOD.

Above all, the reason why they still delve with this kind of job is that they don’t have a choice. Interpreting one’s destiny would probably be sufficed to fill their children’s stomach of at least on a daily basis (one meal per day).

I don’t hold grudges to fortune-tellers, as long as they don’t create harm or mayhem to the society. They’re practically harmless.

But depending to the results and interpretations of these harmless mystics would be a harmful decision.

The destiny is in our palms, yes, THAT IS if we work for it. Perseverance and patience are prerequisites to a successful life.

Divine Intervention won’t intervene unless if you do something worthy and not appalling.

No, palm reading is fun actually. HAHAHA. LOL :))

PS: Aiai! Read my palm again. My right hand was dirty at that time, that’s why my future you’ve predicted was also dirty. LOL. Just kidding!

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