Friday, March 27, 2009

The Chronicles of Singko

When I first entered UP, I thought the environment would be the same as high school, except for the set of subjects of course. During the freshmen orientation conducted one month before the first day of class (that was already two years), I really can’t forget one teacher’s remarks regarding the grading system. He said that singko (a grade of 5.0 means you failed a subject and must take it again on the following semester) is dreadful and time consuming.

So I said to myself that I won’t afford taking a certain subject twice, and have to keep my TOR clean – singko-free.

So the adventures embarked on to my freshman year. Things were on a smooth pace since I still have this high school mentality to be ϋber-grade-conscious. So during the finals week, I need not to worry with my standing since even if my scored zero in the final exam, I would still pass the course. I thought being GC (grade conscious) isn’t appropriate in college so I eliminate this kind of mentality. Likewise, everything had changed little by little. I became overconfident with my skills and thought I could handle tons of jobs in just a single moment. I thought everything that I read will stick to my memory forever. But that does not make any sense since I didn’t compartmentalize my schedule. I would end up piling my works in just a single day and studying would not be that effective. I thought I possess a brain that would withstand intense pressure. No, I’m just an average human being that actually needs rest.

And there you have it, procrastination and improper time management would lead me to my surprising demise.

Do you what it feels like when you got a grade of 5.0 for the first time?

Actually I was dumbfounded when I learned about it this afternoon. Still, I have to move on since I still have to nail my MST6 third long exam. Good thing I wasn’t affected by my bittersweet downfall.

What’s more interesting are the reactions of the people close to me.

WEH? Wow Renz congrats nakatatawa talaga joke mo, SWEAR”.
SERYOSO? (insert laglag-panga shocked face)
“NYAHAHAHA Corny mo Renz”
CONGRATS on your First Five! Parteeey!
"This is so not you, Renz (yack Chippy, conyo you! =]] )"

C’mon m’mon guys. I’m just an average person like everyone else. HAHAHA.

Sometimes in life, you’re on the top and at some point of you’re on the bottom. And when you learn from your mistakes (and also if you help yourself), you rise again and have the sweetest victory of your life.

Singko does NOT mean you’re a failure, a dimwit or a loser. It’s just a part of your life. Sometimes man has to wake up and see the reality. He shouldn’t take any small things for granted, like in my case. According to one forum that I’ve read when I was a freshman, one professor said you won’t complete the life of an Isko if you don’t experience the grades starting from Uno to Singko.


So you might be wondering if I’m bitter about my situation?

The answer is NO.

Although it hurts big time but what can I do? It’s my own fault anyway. I should learn how to balance my subjects. I shouldn’t play favoritism, after all! HAHAHA. But I don’t hate Biochem, I love it actually since I’ve learned A LOT from this subject. Apparently, I just didn’t make Biochem my daily habit on studying. It was my least prioritized subject this semester. I got a wrong move this semester. It’s like, you’re dancing your own steps during the performance night.

So goodbye with the almost-impossible Cum Laude dream.
But yeah, it’s not the end of the world for Christ’s sake. Good thing it’s a terminal subject. But I can still be on the CS or better yet on the US list next semester if I do good.

I hope this would be the first and the last time. I think tres wasn’t good enough last sem. Lol.

What an experience.

(though I still have one exam left this Monday).

You stand in the line just to hit a new low
You're faking a smile with the coffee you go
You tell me your life's been way off line
You're falling to pieces every time
And I don't need no carryin' on

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