Sunday, March 08, 2009

Lovesick Mu-sick

To be with a lovesick brother is a disaster.

Spell DISASTER for me please.

Since last year, I’ve been suspecting that he’s up to something, something significant in every man’s life. And now, my hunches are right. I’m happy for him and the girl is wickedly perfect – pretty, a Math and English genius and knows everything, almost everything.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bitter. And mom and dad are happy about it too.

The predicament only arises when he’s armed on the following weapons-of-ears-destruction:

  1. Guitar
  2. iPod
  3. His oh-so golden voice

Accck. I ain’t a big fan of listening to acoustics unless if it’s sweet, slow and mellow. He’s fond of playing and converting a mellow OPM love songs into a rock one. Imagine his ingenious fingers strike the guitar strings heavily while playing the rock version of Closer You and I. The song was originally performed by the almighty Gino Padilla. Try listening to the original version and compare it with Sponge Cola’s. You can easily discern the big differences between the two. The once beautifully written and arranged song turned into a zombie-like chant, thanks to the modernized rendition.

It really hurts my ears so much. UUGGHH.

Well, this simple nuisance has led me to rant something about our music.

Nah, I do not totally detest OPM. The new OPM generation is way different if we compare it to the 90s. Who could ever forget the late Francis M.’s Kaleidoscope? How about EHeads’ Fruitcake? The Huling El Bimbo of a Paraluman-look-alike? Rivermaya’s 214? Those were the bomb. Those were the classic ones. And now, everything’s a disaster, well in my own opinion.

Each and every one of us has different tastes on music.
Too bad, my brother’s taste of music is the total opposite of MINE.

He doesn’t like to listen with Enya.
He thinks Coldplay and The Killers are too boring.
He thinks The Fray is corny.
He claims that Gregorian Chant is evil.
He thinks Enigma is scary.

Sad to say, I’m not into this modern OPM era. Siiiigh. This is so exasperating.

AT LEAST he’s not digging with JONAS BROTHERS. We come up the same conclusion whenever we hear some JoBros hits in the radio, YouTube or some pesky profiles in the cyberspace.

And probably you’ll have the same conclusion as ours. LOL.. Peace!

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  1. Hahaha heyy, if I had a bro like that I'd probably be locking myself up in my room. I'm not too fond of most OPM tracks either.

    I suppose asking him if he knows what Frou Frou is would be out of the question? Haha!

    Anywayy, I just happened to drop by. Nice blog!