Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ineptness of Chocolates

At some point of my life, I sometimes ask if I am really happy and contented with my life. Yes I am terrifically happy with my life most especially my family exudes sanguinity. That’s one of the things that I can be proud of with my family. When I’m depressed usually brought about by stress I usually crave for chocolates since it is my comfort food. Today, I have eaten one bar of Cadburry Fruits and Nuts but surprisingly the endorphins in the chocolate bar seem to be ineffective. I don’t know but I feel down and tired.

Most probably this predicament was brought about by last week’s turmoil.

People nowadays are driving me crazy and somehow those scoundrels would be the primary cause of my insanity in the near future. I am bothered by their lunacy. First, there’s this eleven-year old boy who have been extremely furious on to me due to my honest opinion. To make things worse, the atrocious kid cursed me by using the fuck-shit-hell words. Second, there’s this bulimic pig who keeps on meddling to something even if the bulimic pig didn’t know the real event. And lastly, all those people who really crave for attention and somehow they are unconscious by it.

To be honest I was hurt. I was hurt because I really don’t know what went wrong. I was just expressing my opinion. If I weren’t honest then it would be definitely create an imminent mayhem. I was hurt because a KID cursed me to go to hell. I don’t how to react on the kid’s demonic statements – whether to be furious or to be confused. Why should the kid be that extremely furious? Sorry but my parents and my alma mater taught me to be honest, now matter what. I’m not viciously honest though because I know how to weigh things, whether if my brusqueness is already offensive or not. But I think it wasn’t. The rascal had indeed sucked all of my patience. I tried to stretch it but I already reached the threshold of its elasticity.

Okay, so much for that. I don’t want to delve with this crap.

And now I feel a little bit okay, thanks to blogging services provided by the internet.

Two things.

First, no matter how hard you try to have a happy disposition in life, there are still rogues who would try to destroy your day desperately.

Second, to be nice is one of the most difficult challenges of LIFE. Then again, those fraught rogues try to provoke you.

Life isn’t fair sometimes.
But if the world is in utopia, it would be rather boring.


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