Friday, March 06, 2009

Of being a Madcap

If you’re a KEEN observer, you might have noticed that I keep on posting serious blog entries. I’m sick and tired of being serious. This is so not me. Whatever! My wackiness had been subjected to hibernation for a month already. Yikes. Though being serious can be beneficial sometimes since I can concentrate a LOT of things (when I say LOT, it deals with MILLIONS of things). But no, being serious is the most boring thing in man’s life (SHOCKS-UUUHHHH)! Lol. So I’ll probably write anything under the sun. Forgive me if I’m not coherent in this entry. But who cares, right? Haha.


Yesterday was the longest day of my life. Wanna know the reason? I DIDN’T SLEEP FOR MORE THAN 24 HOURS, thanks to our wonderful report on Genetic Landscape of Africa and the movement of the Y chromosome by the haplogroup E-M78 to Europe. I didn’t expect that I would complete that extraordinary feat. I think it was a triumph since I’m the type of person who really loves to sleep. I think fretfulness is more effective on fighting against bleariness than caffeine. Actually, caffeine relaxes my mind and even kindles me to sleep. Okay, good thing the report was around noon. At around four in the afternoon, I decided not to attend my Soccer class since it would be a crazy idea. I haven’t had any sleep for more than twenty four hours and it would be surprising if I still have an ample amount of adenosine triphosphate for running, kicking and screaming. Nah, being an audience is cool, I mean seeing those classmates of mine running, and screaming and kicking like wild hyenas in the wilderness with all the sweat pouring almost every significant parts of the body. And yes, girls are really curious about the feeling if our balls were being squashed by a soccer ball. Hmmm, it’s the most painful pain in man’s life, for Christ’s sake. You can’t walk properly if you have squashed balls. HAHAHAHA. But hell, it’s true. But anyway, that’s not my concern since so far, my balls weren’t accidentally crushed and kicked by my teammates. Thank God. By the time I went home at around 7.30pm, I changed my clothes, brushed my teeth and went to an eternal sleep that lasts for at least 13 hours. Imagine, 13 hours of undisturbed sleep.

Oh yes, the AMERICAN IDOL CRAZE IS BACK. Too bad I didn’t watch last night’s episode. Siiiigh. Blame Genetics for that ordeal. HAHAHA. But I’ll watch the replay on it this Saturday and Sunday. I have read some spoilers regarding to the final list of the TOP 12. I heard that Anoop Dog-in-the-House managed to be on the Top 12. Here are my top three favorites and I’m rooting for them to be the next American Idol, well either of the three.

(L-R): Allison Iraheta, Kris Allen and Anoop Desai

Danny Gokey and Adam Lambert are overqualified for this show. HAHAHAHA. But yeah, I like them too. It would be rather nice if Anoop will sing JAI HO in the ensuing episodes. Now that’s a crazy maneuver. Lol. But who knows, right? Maybe he’ll catch the attention not just America but to his fellow Indians. Lol. So let’s watch for the subsequent episodes. Haha.

BTW, guess what time did I take this photo. 5.30pm? 6.00pm? Naaah. Believe it or not, I took this picture at around 1.30 pm this afternoon. Good thing I only have one class today, which is Biochemistry. We are already through in Visual Communication and Invertebrate Zoology Lab. I don’t want my fragile self to be soaked in heavy rain water. After 10 minutes of taking this picture, it started to rain. Today, it’s raining cats and dogs.

So next week, I won’t be reporting in Ecology and Genetics so I guess I have an ample time to study for my third long exam in Biochemistry. Oh yes, at least lessons were a little bit easier to decipher and understand. Fats are easier than the pesky carbs.

Oh yeah, The Ting Tings sensation is starting to invade my psyche. HAHAHA. I just love them. Shut Up and Let Me Go is very funny and had a catchy tune. Great DJ is awesome and That’s Not My Name is very flirtatious. HAHAHAHA. I so love them.

So basically these are my plans for tonight:

  1. Chat with my friends
  2. Create some tags on facebook
  3. WATCH AMERICAN IDOL. Definitely. I won’t afford on missing tonight’s episode. Grrr.
  4. Communicate with _________. BLEH. :P
  5. Watch Air Crash Investigation (National Geographic) on YouTube.
  6. Read Paul J. McAuley’s Fairyland
  7. And… Change my theme in Multiply. LOL

I also plan not to shave for at least one week. BUT ACKKKK! I don’t have plans to look like a modern caveman. Sheesh.

Talking about Fairyland, I’m starting to regret of buying that book in the first place. Okay, I really love sci-fi novels. But this sci-fi novel is way different to that of Michael Crichton’s. While reading the lines of this book, it creates a tight aura that surrounds my soul. I don’t feel reading this book anymore. No. I bought this with my own money and I SHOULD finish this, even if I didn’t like the story. Sigh. I’m stuck in the middle part of the book. But I’m still hoping that the plot would somehow turn into a tragic twist. What I don’t like in this book is it has lots of characters to remember and the plot seems to be the most complex one since I started reading novels at a tender age of 8. I just want to read Series of Unfortunate Events. I have downloaded the thirteen (or 14? Correct me if I’m wrong, hehe) Ebooks of it last month. Sigh

I think this is already long and exaggerated. Well, the latter one was only a joke.

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