Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Future of American Idol 8

America’s much celebrated talent show, which is the American Idol, has finally come to its top ten contestants, thanks to the nationwide voting. Since the start of the elimination process the show had generated a whopping 65 million calls. This show started at around 2001 and it’s on its eighth season. People around the globe didn’t fail to give support on to this show. Likewise, those who have at least passed the audition are already considered lucky. But for those who have qualified to the Top 13, well it spells another thing. They get more benefits, more opportunities and most of all, they get LOTS of publicity. You already know America isn’t a safe place for celebrities when it comes to privacy. But who knows, these juvenile stars knew the consequences already. Like any other human beings who try to reach their goals or dreams, they must undergo series of predicaments, challenges and tribulations.

And now we’re down to the top ten. So let me have this quaint opportunity to evaluate them and probably make some predictions. :)

Adam Lambert. This dude is a bomb and I think he’s overqualified on to the show. So far he is the only contestant that I’ve heard to have a distinct voice even if he had reached an almost impossible high note that a human larynx can endure. He got his own style on singing. His forte: Definitely when he belts on the high notes, a distinctive one.

Latest Gossip: That he is gay. Actually, while surfing a good picture for his icon, I saw something that can actually prove that he is gay. He had tons of pictures locking is lips and tongue to his boyfriends or what. But who cares right? His sexuality is not that important to the show. As long as he got an appeal to the ordinary people, it won’t affect his career. Dude, he’s talented and his talent can’t be removed by any means.

Weakness: If he’s consistent on to the succeeding weeks, he has this tendency to become relaxed and people may actually see as if he’s not serious with the competition.

Prediction: Go straight to the Season Finale dude.

Allison Iraheta. This red-haired sixteen year-old teenager has an amazing voice. You couldn’t believe that this girl had a voice of a rock star. She always had a rock solid performance. For the past two weeks, she never fails to amuse not just the judges but the audience as well. Apparently this could be the reason on why she was on the bottom three this week. Her fans thought that she was safe base on her performance, probably they didn’t vote due to that unhealthy assurance.

Weakness: I haven’t seen her performing slow songs. Well let’s wait for her doing that thing.

Prediction: Probably Top Five or Six. There’s a high chance that she’s going to be saved by the judges, that is if she’s in danger.

Anoop Desai. He is the only Asian contestant. What’s good on Anoop is, he tries his best to impress the judges and the audience. But hey, he doesn’t need to impress the audience for he has this unique charm to the viewers, most probably brought about by the award winning movie Slumdog Millionaire. Likewise he is one of Randy Jackson’s favorites.

Weakness: Wrong song choice. Oh Anoop, please choose the right song and make sure that it fits you.

Prediction: He won’t make it to the Final 5.

Danny Gokey. He is one of the early favorites of the judges as well as the audience. Many were touched by the untimely demise of his wife a few months ago and his support to his best friend, Jamar Rogers. This Milwaukee resident is surely talented. He made the classic Hero into a heroic one. Although there are some rumors that he only got his fame through the sympathy of the audience. Well, in a good way he defended his own side, at least.

Weakness: Tends to become overconfident.

Prediction: America will be confused in the near future - Torn between two favorites…

Kris Allen. This small man had indeed a big voice. Girls (and pseudogirls, hehe) love him so much. Even Simon Cowell can’t believe that he’s already married. Singing ballad songs is his forte and Paula would definitely be blown off from her seat whenever Kris plays with his own guitar accompanied by his angelic voice.

Weakness: If he has difficulties on choosing the right song on a chosen genre for the performance week, he opts to sing a safe song. Sometimes this isn’t a safe maneuver.

Prediction: Top Three.

Lil Rounds. Or ‘little’ Rounds as what Simon Cowell had called her during the last performance week. This Tennessee native had what it takes to be the next RnB queen. Well, she is the hybrid between J.Lo and Beyonce. Lil Rounds’ name may be little but her dreams are very profound.

Weakness: She is a risk taker and wants to explore all genres and may this cause her early downfall in the show. But hey, she has the attitude of an artist. That’s the spirit!

Prediction: Between seven to four.

Matt Giraud. The wild-card who made it to the top ten. I was very disappointed when he sang Coldplay’s award winning Viva La Vida. Only Chris Martin can sing that well, even the famous Boyce Avenue’s rendition isn’t that good too! But the judges had already seen a great potential to Matt since the start of the show and I guess he deserved to be on the top ten. Likewise, he creates a Michael Buble-ish aura when he hits the piano keys. He got a great voice too.

Weakness: He may have the talent but I think some people don’t like his image and I don’t know why. He may have a hard time to please some people. Ouch.

Prediction: Between final eight to four.

Megan Joy. This Utah native poses uniqueness not just on to her voice but to her style of singing as well. She may not have the best performance but the audience and sometimes the judges love her so much. The reason? She has this so-called originality. She is indeed a singer as well as an entertainer. Her quirky moves were effective to catch the audience’s attention.

Weakness: She must be sick to have a great performance… Just kidding!

Prediction: Probably she won’t make it to the Final 5 or 6.

Michael Sarver. The oil-rigger-turned-singer has a delicate heart for his family. That’s why he gets his inspiration from them. He is such a nice guy and had a great vocals too. During the audition, the judges were quite impressed when he hits the big notes.

Weakness: Like Kris, he tends to play safe.

Prediction: Likewise, he may be the next one to be booted out of the show. Let’s wait for next week though.

Scott MacIntyre. He is the living proof that God is indeed fair. He may be almost blind but he is really talented. Likewise, he is a great pianist as well as a great vocalist. He reminds me of Jim Brickman and he can be the NEXT Jim Brickman of this generation.

Weakness: He tends to create his own world whenever he’s on his piano and I think he hates surprises. He tends to become boring if he doesn’t change his style if he still plays on his piano again, and again, and again.

Prediction: He may have the big chance to flare up to the final four or three.

So who’s your bet? Let’s wait and see ‘til the finals night. I think it will be this May.

But prepare for some big surprises on the show.

Disclaimer: This blog article does not reflect to the show’s outcome or the results of the succeeding episodes. This is purely based on the author’s point of views and fearless forecasts. Well, just so you know.

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