Sunday, March 29, 2009

Knowing: Movie Review

Do you believe EVERYTHING happens for a REASON? Or do you believe life is just purely coincidental?

Knowing is the latest sci-fi flick which shows the untimely demise of the planet earth due to series of natural calamities.

It all started in 1959 when a teacher collected her class’ works on what they aspire or foresee about the future. Some had drawn rockets and spaceships with out-of-this-world planetary imaginations. But for Lucinda Embry, it was different. She just scribbled random numbers on her paper and her behavior was eccentric after the ceremony. After 50 years, the citizens around the school reopened the time capsule and distributed it with the new generation. Lucinda’s work landed into the hands of a monotonous kid, Caleb, son of a distraught MIT professor, John Koestler who believes in the theory of Randomness which depicts that everything in life is by chance or coincidence. Disturbed by his son’s paper, he quickly deciphered something horrible in the paper and time is indeed running out. Lives must be saved out there and one must think and act quickly before it’s too late.

Ideally, the special effects were great most especially the scene when a passenger jet (I think that was an Airbus A320) crashed along the national highway. It looks like it was real, accompanied by power lines ripped off from the tower while the plane makes a dreadful decent. Also, the cinematography was great as well as the sound effects. Although the drawback on this film was, some of the lines weren’t clear. Overall, the movie was really great. You will be surprised with the ending though, and I won’t spoil you. HAHAHA

Knowing is now showing in all cinemas across the nation. You won’t regret watching this sci-fi flick.

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