Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Countdown 2007 - Yearend Special

Well, before 2007 comes, let me post som highlights regarding this oh-so wonderful year 2006:

*mind you, it really takes time to write on this blog since it takes time to extract all memories in my mind.*



January 2006 - Welcome 2006! Well, we got back into our respective classrooms - Ruby. Arrghhh, makikita ko naman ang mukha ni Ma'am Lacson. Sheesh. I remember that my pimple outbreak really intensifies this period. Well, mom ordered three solutions to Dra. Gueverra and hindi na ako hiyang sa gamot ko, the effect backfires. My skin becomes irritated especially with the tretinoin lotion which makes my skin like a burnt charcoal- nah not exactly. Just imagine that my face was buried under the intense heat of the sun for about 3 hours or I was locked in a microwave oven for just an hour or so. Periodical Test Papers have been returned and so far, so good. In our music class, we had this new and 'funny' substitute teacher after Ma'am Cynthia. Why she's funny? It's because she had a funny accent and diction. Mind you, I just can't help myself to snicker ar what the heck. Seemingly, her project is quite tedious - Musical play and worse I'm the leader of the pact. Serously though, this is the first time of m y entire life that I got stressed in school. This month is also the Culmination Week and thanks to Cedric, I've got a part on the show, dubber nga lang but it's okay, it's was a worthwhile experience, after all. Manny Pacquiao also won from his opponent, Erik Morales. Itaas ang bandila ng Pinoy!

February 2006 - It's the month of love and I thought it was a wonderful month though I was wrong, definitely wrong. On the fourth day of February, it was an ordinary day but as early as 6 am, the crowd began to swell to approximately to 30,000 outside the Ultra or the Philsports Arena building. It was Wowowee's first anniversary to be held at that venue. But, only 17,000 would be allowed to enter the colliseum - a mere half of the crowd. This caused the outrageous Stampede in the Philippine Television History in which the poorest of the poor went to that event just to win various prizes showcased by the show. But the entire plan backfired. Thus the show itself got suspended and got back in the air on March 3. 71 lives had been perished and 800 are injured from this accident. 13 days later, another tragedy strucked the country. It was the deadly landslide in St. Bernard, Leyte which claimed more than a thousand lives on that certain town only. I remember that TV Patrol showed a girl, a survivor, staring blankly on the camera with allthe dirt and mud on her face. Her eyes are quite freaky which gave a creeps on that night. Text and email scams had began to circulate about these series of unfortunate events which occured every 13 days. Coincidence or not? God only knows what.This month is also the JS Prom which was held in our school only. But it was fun - from the food and services although I was so dissatisfied with my prom picture. Eeeww! Nah, Just pass this on dude. This time, I had this feud with my friend which happened to be my groupmate. I mean, I can't went to her house or everyone's house because it's too far and we had this intense financial problem. Naah, let be bygones be bygones. After we're atill good friends naman din. It was the launching of PBB Celebrity Edition - the day of the Ultra Stampede. This event was held at Baywalk, pretty cool huh? And the musical play? It was a success, TOTAL SUCCESS!

March 2006 - School years gonna end soon and I'm pretty excited because we'll not meet Ma'am Lacson's grumpy face again. Besides, next year would be a lot more challenging than we'd expected, mind you! We had our Farewell Party held on Mergrande Beach Resort and mind you, the weather was so cold that it rained for almost the entire day, eventually. I couldn't bare the intense freezing temperature of the pool and a miracle happened on this party. Mama Lacsy brought 2 buckets of fried chicken and some beverages. Awwwhh, how sweeeet! This month, me, Cokok, Mimi and Kim decided to enroll at the Summer Advance Class on Physics. Learning is fun dude! And for my final general average in my third year? 91.8. Not bad at all!

April 2006 - I was totally hooked up with my cellphone because of the Unli Craze! Mind you, every morning, I woke up in the morning and I would be surprised because I would received more than 60 messages purely made from gm's and greetings. I ventured every morning from my boring home to the school just to attend the Physics class. Keanna  Reeves was the big winner of PBB Celebrity Edition. It was also the launching of PBB Teen Edition. And my final grade for the advance class? 96%! Excellentus Mucho!

May 2006 - It was the first time when a Pinoy reached the summit of Mt. Everest. It was a triumphant goal although, for about two weeks, the news is all about the adventure and the perseverance of the Filipinos just to reach the summit with a height of 29,000 ft. Nakabibingi nga talaga minsan ang news eh. My sleeping time changed drastically. I slept at 2.30am wake up at noon. I was totally hooked up with the PBB Teens and I really adored Kim Chui but hindi na ngayon - overexposed na siguro. And also, almost all of my friends and schoolmates noticed that I really looked like Mikee Lee. Well duh, the hell I care but hey, thanks, it was a compliment. School is nearing and I'm pretty anxious about the life of a Senior.

June 2006 - Kim Chui turned out to be PBB Teen's Big Winner followed by Mikee, Gerald and Clare. Pasukan nah! Thank God, I belonged to Chrysolite class. So far so good, lessons are not that bad and I really like my classmates and the adviser itself! I think it's time to pump those neurons again for another life - the scholastic life. Time to save money too for Christmas!

July 2006 - Almost everyday, we practiced for our Mother Candida Song Composition in which I was the composer and the pianist in our section. Various praises and compliments came from my friends after they heard my song composition. Tired and exhausted, but still it was wirth it for we won the first place during the eliminations. It was really good and I want to repeat that momentous event after all! I gained friends to my new classmates and we had this special bond with each other and thus CTJ2x was established. Don't ask what that stands for dude. Secretoooohh!

August 2006 - This month is the birhday of yours truly, brother Mama Tza and  Milay. This month, I had this terrible 'text' fight with Bokbok. I mean, she's really that assuming and thought that she's that beautiful or what. I mean she's very conceited and very palaban to her freaking mom in which her 'moomy dearest' confronted me. Duh, the hell I care. Losers stick together - losers pa rin. Hahaha, palibasa walang breeding kasi broken family - oops! In this month, lessons are getting harder and harder and this was the time that I hated Economics that much.

September 2006 - It's DACS Meet! But due to our hard headedness and because we're too stubborn to deal with, we went to the Neo-ethnic presentation held on UIC in which we got scolded by Sir Puno on the spot! Whew! But eventually he died on the 29th day, the day before the Scout Festival. *Sniff-sniff*. Anyways, this month, was also our Retreat and it was sooo good and I want to repeat it. Just see my archives on my blog and find my entry all about my retreat. It was the first distribution of cards and thank God, I managed get the 4th place with an average of 89.6. Weee!

October 2006 - Lessons are really getting a lot harder than we thought but we had no choice but to study till dawn. At last, before I graduate, it was my first time to attend Patigamay Quiz Bee held on SM Entertainment plaza. But we didn't won, unfortunately but it was a funny experience though. Yesterday on that day, I also attended the Divisions Press Conference in Sports Writing. I even won the fourth place! Through this, I will represent Davao City for the upcoming Regional Secondary Schools Press Conference to be held on December 13-15, 2006 at Apokon, Tagum City! Also, on this month, Nagmamahal Kapamilya featured the story of David Eric Poarch or commonly known as the Coconuter. Check our his blog - http://coconuter.blogspot.com. Thus, it was my first time to Blogger! Yeehah! Got addicted to blogs though. Lastly, at long last, we had our Mangrove Planting (see my post..) at Punta Dumalag, Matina Aplaya, Davao City. Oh, just don't expect that you'll don't get wet in that area though the beach is white-sanded but the area is underdeveloped. Pawikan Sanctuary nga eh.

November 2006- It's sembreak and I had the chance to sneek-peek with the Pinoy Dream Academy. I really adored Yeng because she could compose songs beautifully and also Irish because she had resemblance to Lindsay Lohan. Also, I dreamed Sir Puno, just 4 days before his 40 days. Freaky and spooky though. I also attended 2 quiz bees - The Clash and the Barog Kalikupan Environment Quiz Bee. We didn't won the first but won 6th place on the latter. Stress week is much more frequent than it seems. Everyday, I felt to down and weary thinking that the teachers had been inconsiderate to us. The Social and Filipino Club had this field trip on Japanese Musuem and the Philippine Eagle in Calinan, Davao City - a mere an hour drive away from downtown. Manny Pacquiao, once again had this sweet victory from Erik Morales. I think this would be the end of Erik's boxing career. He's rich naman so he could venture on different business.

December 2006 - The last month of the year. We celebrated and presented our last foundation day. Too sad but we definitely enjoyed our last dance number. Schedules met to my affairs unexpectedly though. I had to attend the Regional Secondary Schools Press Conference in which it's the Periodical exam as well. Somehow, I managed to rescheduled the exam and I even got leakage on the three exams (ooppss! just see my 'confessions' entry.) During the Panunuluyan Presentation, I was the pianist and thank God, I only committed some minor mistakes. Yeehaahh! Oh, about the RSPC, I didn't won and definitely I can't go to Baguio City, huhuhu, too bad. But I had a wonderful experience on Tagum - those laughters that we had to deal with it.

2006 is surely a memorable year to me. Maybe, 2007 is apt to be a wonderful year or a dreadful year. Who knows? I don't believe on such fearless forecast by Astrologers because they're only made for entertainment and when it happens, it's only a coincidence. We are the ones who are responsible in cultivating and writing our own history - too humane to see. If were responsible enough, then 2007 would be a great year for everyone.


Happy New Year everybody! Cheers!


PS: Mind you, it took me for almost 3 hours just to complete this entry. Hope you like it!


Renz Marione M. Bulseco

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