Monday, December 11, 2006

Animal Talk

I had this funny feeling. Tomorrow's gonna be our final unit test - Physics and English. Oh well, I've started on English because it's more on memorization. Sheesh, memorizing all facts on writing research papers and etc. which I find ineffective for all of the students, in behalf. Likewise, I'm halfway through with this crappy subject.. who knows? Is it because of our teacher or is it just me? Nah, never mind. Oh, it's the birthday of my dearest dad - he's 40 right now. Happy Birthday dad! Anyways, let me try to write another sensible post for this day.

About 2 weeks ago, my dog, named Krung doesn't want to eat nor he doesn't bark at all. The reason? He's jealous in our fellow dog, Bruce. Even though there brothers, both terrier in breed, dogs are known to be a jealous creature. Maybe, I drew a lot more attention to Bruce than to Krung because Bruce is only a puppy and Krung's already an adult. Despite there tremendous age gap, it's my responsibility to drew an equal attention to both of my dogs. I've learned that animals too have feelings. If they feel that they're been deprived by there masters, they tend to be sensitive which means they lack attention so they don't eat, bark to draw an attention. Seriously, I've read a lot of books and almanacs regarding animal behaviour and I found out that Bulldogs are the most jealous type of dog. If they're jealous then they tend to be sick and worse, they die because of remorse and rejection. So, all we need to do is to have some ample time to play with our dogs at home and caress or castrate them before it's too late. Dogs are known to be our guards at home (that is, if we can't afford security guards), plus they defend our territories especially on these days that home theft are rising due to lack security apparatus. Besides, dogs are adorable and studies shown that if a person had a pet dog at his crib, then his life span would increase for about 10 fruitful years. Could you imagine that?

In our house, it's always a nuiscance if it rained hard or even if it rained in just moment. Why? It's because numerous brood of snails crawled and creeps in our lawn. It's very yucky to see because for me snails are pests. If I could still remember in my Biology class two years ago, that snails acts as a decomposers. Well, they actually do but I don't know the other significance of snails in our environment. As long as they're in our lawn, I use to throw them in the road and I'll wait for the squishing sound - which reminds that the shell of the snail broke thus making the snail impossible to live, especially if the snail is way to big! But sometimes, if I'll go outside of our home to feed my beloved dogs, especially at night, is that I would accidentaly step on those critters especially if they're way too small to notice. Arrgghh! I wish I could totally eradicate them in a much safer way!

Inasmuch that I'm also an animal because human beings are the highest form of animal kingdom, we should treat each and everyone, it can be an animal or a fellow human, with respect and humility to live in a peaceful environment.

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