Saturday, December 02, 2006

The second day

Today, it's the second day of December and yet I couldn't feel the presence of Christmas season. It's not that I'm manhid or what but one thing for sure:

EVEN IT'S DECEMBER, IT'S SOOOOO HUMID AND HOT! Hay naku grabeh, kung gaano katindi ang bagyo sa Albay, sing-init ng Sahara Desert dito sa Davao. Siguro ang Humidity level dito, lampas 100%! 'tas kung uulan, lalong umiinit ang panahon.

I've observed that sunset is earlier than usual. Even if it's still 5.30 in the afternoon, the sky's already dark - night devours day to make another creepy night to lived by. Haha!

Next week, let me share my "Oh so wonderful schedule for the following week:"


December 4 - CL
December 5 - Math (Proving Identities and Algebra), Filipino (EL Fili chapter 25-30)
December 6 - Economics
Decembrer 7 - Physics - Optics
December 12 - English, Physics - Acoustics


ah basta, kung ano ang schedule ng ut, ganon din ang deadline ng mga projects. o ha! Hanep diba?

Oh well, I think it would add up my stress plus it will be our Foundation Day this week. And up to this point, we hadn't finalize our dance as a whole batch.

Oh yeah! I think it would be better if I would be given a break or something! I'm really tired, you see, the life of a graduating student. To think, if I'm relaxed, I shall suffer the wrath! - that is the worst thing that I'll receive from my recklessness.

4 hours ago, we went to the CAP Auditorium to watch the play entitled Godspell . It was good and the performances is also great! And I must watch this play because it's the joint project of CL and English.

Somehow, I very excited of the Supernatural Season 2 . Wala pang dvd niyan kasi sa America, Episode 11 pa 'don and i think hanggang episode 28 ata 'yan.

It's time to say doodles to you 'coz I have lots of things to do - that is to study the whole 6 major subjects! Sh*t! Give me a break! I can't give up!

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