Thursday, November 30, 2006

Wake up

I'm really disappointed with my score in my English test. Out of 50 items, I only got 38 which equals to 76%! What really frustrates me is that the lessons are very easy yet somehow, I only played the unit test as a game. Arrgghh! Uhmm, next time, try to analayze. Somehow, I manage to pass my Physics test - my highest so far with a score of 47 out 50 - equals to 94%.

I realized that cheating is really bad. You know why? maybe because of my result on English test, I realized that it was a bad karma. Really, and I tell you! Pati ang leakage! Grabe ang karma niyan chong! So, I must study every now and then especially the following weeks - another strenous nights to endure with. Seemingly, Life of a senior is not that easy and yet hard to forget. It's part of an experience in life.

Oh by the way, projects are close to its deadline so expect that I'll not create a post for a while because of these strenous activities in school.

After waiting for about 3 weeks, my grad pic has arrived right in my bery own filthy hands! Promise that I'll post that not later as soon as my good friend, Camille, would scan the photo and I'll upload on my friendster account and of course to my blog. Hope you like it 'coz I like it too.

I think it's time to say goodbye 'coz I had lots of things to do. Yes, walang pasok bukas! Yipee!

Tomorrow's gonna be the month of Yuletide season!

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