Sunday, November 26, 2006

Excruciatingly Hard

Well, I've decided to make my font a little bigger! Guess what, after almost 2 hours sitting in front of my computer, I've fixed my problem already! Yeah! I'm so happy today. Uhmm, I've almost forgot, tommorrow's gonna be our unit test in English! Well, wish me luck tommorow. Kelangan ko pang magsunog nang kilay! Anyways just gonna edit my posts later, readjusting it's font size so that more and more people would have an appetite on reading my blog! Sorry guys if it's way too small! I just love reading fonts that are way to small. Peace out!

After scribbling and scrolling for about 10 minutes:

Hey! it's still the same! no change! oh well!


  1. please.. add naman kayo ng mga commento jan!