Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Woes Had Finally Ended!

Yes, yes! The nerve-wrecking results of the exams had been returned since Tuesday. I'm here in our e-library in our school and I'm gonna create a new post! Isn't that obvious? *wink_woink!*

Anyways, our Filipino exam was returned yesterday and I was surprised that I got a high mark, which is 96%. Just to think that the subject matter is quite difficult because it's more on memorization than analysis - Biography of Rizal and 10 Chapters of El Fili. Whoa! Could you imagine that.

Today is the National Youth Day and 1/3 of my classmates are delegates of this once in a lifetime event. Such these, I wasn't a participant, though I joined the opening ceremony or the launhing of this event last January, because I'm not a member of F.I. Youth. Well, I hope that they enjoy this because they're going to be adopted by certain foster families. You're lucky if your foster family is that rich or more or less filthy rich - you know what I mean.

A while ago, we had this kind of surrised quiz in Eonomics and I think I failed on it! Out of 15 items, I guess I got only 11 or 10 or worse below 9! Well, what can you expect in a zero based grading system. Sob-sob-sob.. =,c

Today, I'm trying to recuperate my bankruptcy and we had no class this Friday! Yeehah! Another rest period! Well, it's time to go now coz I had lots of things to do especially in Physics.. Oh by the way! before I leave, in our CL (Christian Living) all we had to do is to watch the movie entitled: I AM SAM. This movie is great and it's kinda a tear-jerker. Anyways, we didn't finish the movie because of the limited time, so I guess we had to finish this by today in the Audio Visual Room.

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