Friday, November 03, 2006

Confessions of an Asthmatic

Even as a child, I'm an asthmatic. My mom noticed it since when I was a baby. She first noticed that I'm allergic in a milk named S-26. I'm allergic to soya milk. So she swithced into Gain. I drink that milk up to 4 years of my age. When I cry, I can't breathe. So, my mom and dad went into the state of pandemonium. One day, when I was in my first grade, during the Filipino and Sibika Day, My lungs, as if they compressed with one another that I couldn't breathe afterwards. So my mom and dad rushed me to the nearest hospital and gave me a medicine and I was nebulised. Somehow, I recovered immediately at that time. The doctor, my dad's classmate and his friend, even scold him that he can afford to buy lots of cellphones but he can't afford to buy me a nebuliser, which in return, my life saver. Nevertheless he bought me a brand new nebuliser fromt the pharmacy. So everytime I had my asthma, all I need to do is to get my nebuliser and had my sessions on it.

Another thing that really annoys me is this: I'm really allergic to seafoods (except fish)! I really envy someone who eats shrimps, calamares, pusit, and shells. Crabs are very lethal to me, perhaps. They said that it's yummy and delicious. They also said to me that I should start to eat seafoods little by little so that my system would be used to it and I wouldn't be allergic to seafoods anymore. But I couldn't blame myself, still, a little amount would cause tremendous and lethal effect to me. First, my ears would get itchy, as if something is walking inside my ears, then my throat gets itchy too and the last stage, the most lethal is that I couldn't breathe. Somehow, if I noticed that I had the first symptoms of allergic reaction, definitely, I would eat sugar as first aid. Oh, before I forget, my lips would swell like a crazy flower. I look like a clown though.

I hope that I would be immune to these delicious foods when I grow up, eventually.

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