Saturday, November 04, 2006

Pose for Graduation

March 24, 2007 (Saturday) - the date of our Graduation!

This day marks my day. Nah! It's the only time to pose in my graduation picture (quite dreadful and it destroys my schedule!). Well I woke up late again this morning and I realize it was 11.30am! I had to meet my classmates in the National Bookstore by 1.00pm, and just to think that our house is 1-hour away from downtown! Oh well, I need to hasten my bath time, and etc. Manage my time though. So I left the house quite late, about quarter to one and I arrived at the mall approximately 1.30pm. 30 minutes late is not good though. Then we had our pictures at the City Triangle, just a mile away from the mall. So we took our graduation pictures and the pictures would be developed by 3 to 4 weeks. It was kinda bitin because the photographer only gave us two shots! Mind you, but I like my pose too! Likewise after pictorials, we went back to the mall, window shopping (like what I've written in my previous posts that I don't have enough money). Then we ate at KFC and mind you, I ate like a pig! So much that I spent 100 pesos in this restaurant. I arrived at home around 6.30pm.

Don't worry I'll post my graduation picture once the picture would be developed three weeks from now.

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