Monday, November 13, 2006

Against All Odds

The contest for the environmental science this Nov. 22 is coming and yet I have to review the Philippine Environmental Laws which in return, only the Mining Act 1995 is all I could remember!

Obnoxiously, I'm gonna change my own picture in my profile here in Blogger. I'm here in our own e-lib wherein bawal ang Friendster dito! That's complete injustice, you know! Stupidity it seems, that all of my new pictures are in my friendster account and yet I have to use it desperately just to change my picture! I'm so nervous right now! I had to keep this "crime" as a secret! Right at this moment, my friendster profile had finally load after 48 years of waiting!

*After 10 minutes*

Whew! I've uploaded my pictures and thank God, Sir Orville is busy - probably opening his crappy friendster account! Sheesh, talking about the qualities of a Pinoy! Angat ang mga Pinoy! Now, just let me pose about my pictures that I've been busy uploading for the past 10 nerve-wracking minutes.

Oh well, in general, this post is all about my recklesness because I'm a "law-abiding" citizen of the Philippines! Crap.. Lolz!

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Renz Marione M. Bulseco
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  1. naku buti ka nga e, pag-uupload lang problema mo!! ako, di ko ma-open ang mga site na yan dito! blocked lahaaatt! waaahhhh...