Thursday, November 02, 2006

Have a Holiday!

For ordianry workers and employees today, this day is NOT a holiday! Definitely! I don't know what's inside in our dear president. Maybe she's schizophrenic! nah, just kidding! But for us, students of SMAD, it's definitely a holiday! We were enjoying in our week-long celebration, that is the semestral break! Here's some pros and cons about sem-break:


-No more worries about the studies and projects
-No more sleepness nights on tedious homeworks! At last!
-No more annoying classmate or seatmate that keeps on annoying me during class hours! Thank God
-I can sleep for more than 12 hours!
-I can sleep whenever I want as long as I do some chores in the house. Sniff... =,c
-I could definitely watch the TV after it's month long rest period. (*Do tv's have life?!)
-I could surf the internet without limits! Yeah!
-I could text my friends and classmates wherever I want to.
-No more annoying teachers that keeps on pondering me about projects and stuffs.

But in every advantages, disadvantages pairs up to it.


-No daily allowance. Christmas is already near! And My savings is still 400 pesos! Oh no! I need cash, really.
-You can't see your crush for a week (Come on! admit it!)
-I can't talk to my classmates about the latest happenings. I'm a social animal kiddo! It's like, it's totally different when you talk personally to your friends rather than texting your friends regardless of countless smileys in the messages. =)
-No more cool stuffs and happenings! Well, it's boring when your stuck in your crib, right?!

Before I write in this post, I don't know what will I write or type. But thank God! I came up with this idea.

By Monday, classes will resume and here we go again, the life of a hardworking student! Periodical Test would be returned by Monday, hopefuly and I can't wait for the results! Hopefully, my lowest grade would be at least 88 or 87.

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Renz Marione M. Bulseco
11.02.06 - 03.40pm local time :: +8.00 GMT

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