Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Pilgrims

Too bad, I didn't updated my blog yesterday due to bad internet connection. But here I am, writing my good ol' damn post! Yeah! Well, yesterday, I attended the quiz bee entitled THE CLASH sponsored by the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB) which the students are pure Davaoeños. Well, for the second time around Philippine Science High School won the first place. Although, we didn't catch for the final leg of the game in which only the top five highest score would be quzlified for the last yet exciting round. Unfortunately, our points is not that big to be included in the top five! Seemingly, when we attend sch quiz bees like this, we expect that we will not win because:

-Various excruciating requirements are still on the road
-Even if we're contestants to represent the school, we're still not excempted like in long quizzes and in unit tests. It's our own decision though.
-If there's a rest day or something, likewise, we will take a deep rest after a long day. We had no time to review and to read unnecessary books just for this quiz bee.

Nevertheless, It's just an experience, at least I had a certificate, proving that I joined this once-in-a-year quiz bee. But before that, I borrowed Chin-chin's iPod Shuffle and she had these wonderful version of the Killer's Mr. Brightside - Orchestra Version. Pure Violin with chimes, harps, cello and a bass. It's wonderful and she promised me to lend me that cd this Monday

Now, let's relate the title of my post today! Participants of the National Youth Day will have a pilgrim starting today - under the scorching heat of the sun! (Yikes!). Well, I can't stand for at least 15 minutes under the scorching heat of the sun because, if so, I would get a migraine followed by intense asthma attack. Oh well!

And yeah! We had our new Prefect of Discipline - and he's no other than Sir Gil Juanico. He's my science teacher way back in my sixth grade on elementary. God speed to you!

Well I guess, the second semester would be a lot more difficult than the previous one. First is that we had to comply the El Fili project in which it's like a scrapbook with numerous pictures per chapter and worse I'm the leader of the group! Well, goodluck to myself.

I'll see you around and one thing: My background music is a PIECE of CRAP! I'll promise that I'll edit this into mp3. See yah 'round!

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