Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Egg and the Dilemma

Carelessly it seems but I felt terribly great or what?!Well unfortunately I didn't write any posts for the past few days! huhuhuhu =,c. Well sa wakas, ngayon, kung saan di na ako busy, makapagsulat na nga!

Remember what I've told about the Environment Quiz Bowl? Diba I said it was a crappy one 'coz it adds of my workload? Well not anymore because we won the sixth place! Out of 28 schools, both public and private we outshined them and we even squeezed in into the final five. Unfortunately, we had a tie and thus the rule said that there shall be a tie-breaker questions. It turns out that it was really a close fight rather. Compromising the situation that the tie-breaker round lasted for about 30 minutes - a total of 11 mind boggling questions about the environment. Should we won the tie-breaker round, we could have won the second or third place. That's money dude! Oh well 6th place is not bad and what's more? Our names had been announced in the school the following day.

I've never thought that this week would be a total disaster! First let's start with my face particularly my hair. Well, actually for the past weeks I've been getting annoyed with my stupid bangs. Sounds stupid but I rather cut it with my own bare hands. After that, I decided to rush in the barbershop because of my bangs! As if I've been nabbed or something. Then as the barber "screwed" with my reckless hair, I realized that he had cut my hair too long. He said that he's doing his work because of my recklessness in my hair. The result? As if my I'm getting a new hair do - crew cut. Yikes! the following day, the moment I went to school, my classmates, friends and even my teachers are shocked yet mesmerized with my new syle. They said that it was nice- in general. Some of my classmates said it was neat and cool. Some even said that my old hair style is a great loss for everybody. (oowwzz?). Well lessons gotta be learned the moment after your supid mistakes.

Second, I've kept on announcing the pictorials for our El Fili Project! Well, as of now, we had only 6 chapters left and after that, we're done. Final touches are much awaited though. Basically, it requires team work and creativity to attain the 95% grade on the project - even though it's only 15% in computing the final grade, it's quite little but it's a great help though. Seemingly, our math teacher had been so freaky nowadays. She announced our project last Thursday (last week) and the deadline would be Friday (yesterday). But what made me angry or frustrated is that the project is quite tedious - make a manipulative board game using the basics of algebra. We all know that she's quite kuripot on giving grades. So we must be creative. Good thing, we chose our own group and my kabarkada, Therese is an artist. We created a virtual set of board games with Winnie the Pooh as our theme. We fervently hope that our teacher would appreciate that much and give us a grade equivalent of 95%.

So much for that. I'll post another journal about the countless mysteries behind our school. Till then!

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