Thursday, November 02, 2006

Music for Relief

At least nobody could live without music, am I right? For me, music is kinda a good addiction. Music is a remedy for stress and for a tired mind. Sometimes, I tend to lock myself inside my room and listen to good music. And take note, I'm a pianist so I love to listen to classical, pop-rock, jazz and any kinds of music as long as it is soothing to my ears and my mind. Second, I can't live without my keyboards. Seemingly, there's no day that I wouldn't touch my keyboards. My keyboard is my life - my partner and it can be my wife. Nahh! Just joking again.

I could hardly imagine life without music. Melancholy, for sure, would dominate the ears of human race nad worse, LOVE can't be fully expressed without music. I can compose good melody if I'm sad, happy or in despair.

Definitely, music is a gift that nobody could replace. Although, I didn't sing nor dance, but my life is based on music (as if?). Without it, I'd rather kill myself and go to the heaven to listen some of the angel's harp.

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