Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Todos Los Santos

Todos Los Santos - All Saint's Day in Spanish

All Saints Day marks the Filipino's tradition in going to their respective cemeteries. It can be a public cemetery, a private memorial park or they just invite their relatives in their homes to have a prayer vigil. Sometimes, it can be a family reunion. But before this day, people from different parts of the nation went home to their respective provinces. Those who were in the north were the most unfortunate because of Super Typhoon Paeng (Cimaron as its int'l name) with a wind ranging from 200-240 kph. Today, it is located at the China Sea, gathering some forces to become super typhoon again heading towards Vietnam.

I woke up early - 7.00am. That's way too early compared to my normal "wake-up" hour, that is 11.30am. My sleep is only 5 hours because I slept at 2.10am. It's because I watched the most controversial movie of all time - The Da Vinci Code. For me, the movie itself doesn't deserved to be rated as R-18, there are no bold scenes there (except for the butt exposure of Silas), but in general, it deserves to be PG-13. Oh well, what can you expect in a conseravtive country.

Back in the cemetery, what I do is this:

-blessing to my aunts, uncles, grandmom and granddads present there. In our culture and in our own tongue, it's the sign of respect to the elders. Mano Po to be precise.
-eat as many drumsticks as I could!
-all day texting to my friends and classmates!
We lasted in the cemetery for almost 3 hours, despite the scorching heat of the sun. Everything in the cemetery was organized and tight security and reroutings are follwed accordingly.
So, I hope all the souls today are happy! Perhaps, it's there day today!

edited and encoded by:
Renz Marione M. Bulseco
11.01.06 - 1.29pm local time :: +8.00 GMT

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