Monday, November 06, 2006

Sweet Monday Part II

Albert Einstein: Father of Modern Physics

Yes, today's Monday afternoon and I'm here in the e-lib of our school and my purpose in here? Study about the Environmental Science and it's laws here in the Philippines for the upcoming Water District Quiz Bee on November 22, 2006. Arrgghh! Why me?! Well in fact Environmental Science is not really my interest! I prefer to attend quiz bee about history, geography and science, well definitely not this one. How I wish my teacher would change her mind!

Oh, Our Physics and English Periodical Exams had been returned and only Filipino remains unreturned as of today. And my results? Let's have a quick recap about my results:

6 Major subjects with 5 returned results and arranged from highest to lowest:

Christian Living - 97% -- As if I'm that santo or what! Oh well.
Mathematics (Advanced Algebra) - 94% -- Whoa! Great job dude!
Physics - 93% -- Well, I don't expect this coz my expectation to this subject is higher than my result. Huhu =,c
English - 89% -- All hail to the Greeks! *wink_wink*!
Economics - 86% -- I hate business but I love to monitor the peso-stock exchange of different countries! Wicked!

In this crucial and critical life, we all know that we should expect the unexpected. Just like me, I was hoping and expecting that my Physics exam would be the highest but it's only my third, and to think my CL is the highest! Oh well, at least it's not line of eight!

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