Wednesday, November 01, 2006

United We Stand, divided We Fall

As a teeneager, everyone ahd the right to be perfect and to be perfected. Now what's the connection in my post today? Nothing! Nah, just kidding! Well, As a highschool student, this, we consider as the best part of life! Know why? It's because it's full of first times! Like first time to cheat, first time to be in loved, first time to have choochoos and many more.

Let me relate this in my highschool days - my 2nd year life to be precise, so far, the best highschool life compared to the three. Well here are some pictures (above) during my 2nd year life! Here are some highlights during my 2nd year life:


My intelligent classmate, Jeannine, joined the oratorical speech about conserving and proper use of water. This event was obviously sponsored by the Davao City Water District. The said event was held at the University of Southeastern Philippines Campus, just a mile walk from our school. But sad to say, she didn't won but all can we say that she deserved to win.


We had our recollection held at our retreat house. Well it was fun yet exciting. All we do was to doodle and fool around the camera! Smile for cause!! Nah. just joking!


It's time to depart ourselves and be prepared for the next challenging life, the third year life! We had fun in there, and our party was held at the Forest Hill located at Matina Pangi. We ate lots of food and we swam in the pool from morning till night! It's kinda obvious that we're dead tired when we took the picture during the night! It's kinda memorable and I could remember this funny incident: Domz, despreately borrowed the swimming trunks of the lifeguard and worse, the lifeguard borrowed his swimming trunks to him. Talking about hygiene!


This is one of the most memorable christmas party that I had experienced in my life. You know why? It's a foodless xmas party! It all started that our president had a tiny mistake regarding the deliver of our food and take note that the caterer is our classmate. All's well that ends well. We didn't eat but thank God, the other sections offered us some foods which made our stomachs not quite upset though this christmas is a memorable one.


It's our themesong from the song, One. It's a Christian song though it touched our very own hearts, thinking that we are united. This proved our unity when we won the first place to the poem recitation about communication during our English Day. What's more? We bested the 3rd year and even the 4th year! We cried in joy when our section was announced as the first place. In the Mother Candida Song Composition (which I was he pianist and the composer for the melody), won second place. We thought we were the first place but we had a big fight in our music teacher because our props was so extravagant. So we landed in second place but that's okay in my part!

In life, there's always ups and downs. Thank God, we surpass all trials in our 2nd year life. We cried in our last paraliturgy because we all know that the next life would be totally different.

Adios amigos, it's time to say goodbye! Don't worry, I'll create another post regarding my memories.

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