Monday, November 27, 2006

Seemingly sensible yet senseless!

I'm back! I'm here at the e-lib where I could surf the internet for free! Of course I pay in this institution a mere 25 thousand pesos per school year! Likewise, it's very cold in this place - a place for relaxation. Seemingly, we're only four (4) in this room. On my left side, Freidrich Layno, my good 'ol pal. oh-oh, looks like our teacher caught me - blogs are not included in this room starting today! Shoot! Anyways, let's proceed. On my right corner stand Nanskie and Machita Macha (of course not there real names) - they're traitors you know especially that poofie Machita!

Well sino ba yan si Machita? Para sa hindi pa nakakaalam, si Machita ay isang tao punong-puno ng pangarap - tama ba? Ah hindi! Punong-puno ng ambisyon na pawang yabang lang ang tapat! Noon pa kami dyan naiinis! Ewan ko ba sa kanya- Kulang lang ata yan sa pansin! At higit sa lahat, may codename or full codename kami jan! MACHITA MATCHA y ILUSIONADA o, diba, hanep? hahaha. 'Lam niyo, ang laki talaga ng pride niya, ewan ko ba dyan, mga fake stories niya na ah basta! Alam mo na iyon, basta yun ang life story ni Machita

Let me describe about Machita:

-She's a girl and she's pure Chinese "daw"
-She's quite fat and had a boring personality (no offense but true)

Oh well, things change. What else? Hahahahaha! Sa wakas natapos na rin ang pictorials ng El Fili namin! I'm so happy but to tell you the truth, time is ticking. Lately I realize that December 8, 2006 is fast approaching! And on that same date, I'm gonna play the organ for the "Panunuluyan" - sounds unfamiliar to me but it portrays a play about Mama Mary and her life. Seemingly time goes by - as what Madonna's lyrics on her hit single "Hung Up".

It's time to go because it's our unit test on English and worse, it's simultaneous, walang leakage! Ang lupet!

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  1. Thanks for dropping by to my blog! My first time here. Well wat can i say, inglesan nato! yahooooooooo!!! good job. good blog. keep writing...