Friday, November 03, 2006


One thing I hate about semestral break is that it is quite extravagant! Spend here and spend there is what I do this sembreak. One is that I got addicted with this blog and I spend in the net cafe about 30 bucks (pesos) per day, welll good thing is that I only spend my internet expense only 2 days ago. And my savings? from 550 pesos now it slumped to 310 pesos. Could you imagine that? Oh well, what shall I do?! Perhaps, Christmas is near then my money hasn't reach four digits. The solution?! Hunger strike - No, no, no! That's a desperate solution, I guess. I don't care if I spend most of my money to food and drinks as long as it is worthy. I mean, if I will not eat, then definitely I could develop stomach or duodenum ulcer which costs another headache - money! Well money is the source of evil, that's what my Economics teacher had said. She's right though. And how about budgetting?! Shoot! I guess budgetting is the number one source of headache. Some people had severe migraine due to intense thinking of budgetting. And budgetting is good and evil. Good because it saves our money but it is Evil because it sacrifices our own wants and needs and there's a tendency that we apt to spend our caprices rather than the basic necessities in life. Oh dear!

Well I guess being I should be careful with my expenses and save 20 bucks a day when class resumes. That's why, one reason I like class days because there's a daily allowance of at least 50 bucks! Good Lord!

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