Thursday, November 02, 2006

Is Your Faith Strong?

Last October 31, 2006 is the eve of Halloween, whooo! Finally, I've watched the movie, The Da Vinci Code! I've been dying to see that movie since May but due to its high restriction rating (R.18), I couldn't watch the movie. I'm quite excited to see that movie because I've read that since when I was in 2nd year. Critics and even the church had a hard time to encourage people not to watch this movie for it is a faith buster, well is it? Conservative groups in the world had a plan to ban this movie, I think this movie is great! From its effective actors and actresses like Audrey Tattou, Tom Hanks and many more.

I started to watch this movie at 11.30pm and when it ended, I didn't realize that it was 2.10am! Now, so much for that. What I can say is that the movie is great and it doesn't deserved to be rated as R.18, it must be PG.13. And my faith is still strong to God, our Saviour and to Mary despite the controversies behind the Opus Dei and the mysterious Priory of Sion. Somehow, I managed to get a goodnight sleep but I guess that the movie is not really that disturbing. Is it because I'm totally distracted by Sophie Neveu (Audrey Tattou) ?! Coz she's really beautiful. I guess Ron Howard chose her as the role of Sophie because she's the only surviving bloodline of Jesus Christ in which Mary Magdalene had a good looks. I don't know, but she's really effective.

I'm really hoping that there's a movie of Angels and Demons, Digital Fortress and my favorite Dan Brown novel, Deception Point.

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